Gay Pride Flag Disco Ball

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Rainbow Flag Disco Ball

Rainbow Flag Disco Ball

Happy Gay Pride Week,  New York!

As I say every year, please celebrate yourselves EVERY DAY and not just on a particular day that everyone else is celebrating!

If anyone tells you that you are wrong for living and being proud of your true nature, please tell that person/group of people to GO FUCK THEMSELVES!  It is OK to be you and it is OK to be me.  Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is someone that is trying to spread hate instead of love and should be avoided at all costs!


Ryan Humphrey – Early American

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Photos by G.  Art by Ryan Humphrey.

Judas Priest by Ryan Humphrey.

DCKT Contemporary at 195 Bowery in New York is presenting a really cool exhibit of American artist Ryan Humphrey’s latest work.  The exhibit is called Early American and looks like what you’d see if Banksy designed the interior of a house.  I loved this exhibit as the objects were brilliantly crafted and each piece brought a smile to my face.  In Early American, you’ll see “Good Gay,” the Judas Priest logo over a gay pride rainbow flag, interesting tables, chairs, mirrors and my absolute favorite piece – a mashup of the Beatles and Slayer!  DCKT Contemporary is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm and Early American runs through June 20, 2010.  Don’t miss it!

Beatles for sale?

Some more images from this fabulous exhibit after the jump.

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