Released But Not Free – Ai Weiwei

Posted by The G on July 30, 2011 under Street Art | Comments are off for this article

Photo by G.

Released but Not Free

Released but Not Free - Let Him Speak

Whoa!  I agree completely.

I also will take this one step further and say that while a lot of us roam the streets freely, people are not raising their voices and speaking up about the great injustices that are being done to us by governments, the media (by spreading hatred instead of love) and corporations.

I predict that a leader will emerge and point out to the masses the simple fact (and feel free to prove me wrong, but I am correct) that 1% of the world is controlling the other 99%.  I say this over and over again with the hopes that you will use your voice and speak up to ANYONE who will listen.  If they won’t listen to your whispers, start shouting!!!  Don’t you want a better life, free of all this unnecesary bullshit that drives us further apart instead of bringing us all together?  I do.

Pass it on….

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