Remembering Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Months have passed since Amy Winehouse’s death in July and I am still so upset.  Today would have been the singer’s 28th birthday.  I had a pretty magical experience of seeing Amy Winehouse in concert in 2007 in a very rare New York appearance and I’ve replayed the events of that day in my head over and over since the news of her death broke.

On May 8, 2007, I arrived at the Highline Ballroom in New York .  Literally the second I showed up, Amy had just finished rehearsing and I was able to get a photo with her (taken by Blake Fielder-Civil, whom Amy got married to a week after I saw her) and I also got her two albums signed.  “Back to Black” was just starting to make a splash in the US, but her debut album “Frank” was only available as an import at the time.  Amy was so happy that I had the CD, she asked me what my name was and personalized the CD for me.  When the doors to the venue opened, Amy and Blake were having a drink at the bar and as I was first in line (some things never change), Amy and Blake waved to me when I entered the Highline Ballroom.

Of course, I was in the front for the show and I stood inches from Amy as I saw her perform the “Back To Black” album.  She sounded amazing and she was in a great mood.  I was with friends who also loved every second of the show and I even met someone at the concert that I went out with a few times. You can see Aphrodite In New York’s amazing photos from the evening here.  Amy Winehouse handed me the set list as she walked off stage.  It was a night of musical perfection and I knew then that I’d go see her every chance I could.  She announced a future show in Central Park, but her battles with drugs and alcohol prevented that show (and future shows) from happening.

I remember posting the photo of me and Amy on Facebook and every time someone commented that they didn’t know who she was, I told them to check out her album and they became an instant fan.  I even turned my parents on to her music, who at the time remarked they could believe that powerful sound came out of that tiny little singer.

Over the next few years, all you’d hear about were horrible stories of Amy’s drink and drug abuse. It seemed that the press was having a field day spreading nasty stories about Amy Winehouse including her punching out fans and marathon drug binges.  Perhaps I was living in denial because I just refused to believe that that same person whom I’d had such a lovely experience with could be the same person the press was referring to.

A few weeks before she died, I heard the stories of her disastrous performance (which ended up being her final performance) as well as news of a canceled tour.  I saw that videos of the show were being passed around on the net, but it hurt my heart too much to watch them.  I did notice, however, that as people shared these videos, they were accompanied by hateful words directed at Amy.  After she passed, I watched a few video clips from that performance and in my opinion, she was already dead in those videos.  Why on earth didn’t ANYONE try to help her?  If people opened their hearts after watching that video instead of spreading hateful gossip, perhaps she’d still be with us today.  I blame the media as a partial cause of her death because even to this day, when her name is mentioned, they don’t choose to focus on her music, they instead focus on negative aspects of her way too short life.

Please remember Amy Winehouse today and forever more by doing your part not to contribute to the spreading of gossip.  Stop reading the magazines and websites where people who do not have personal experience with the topics they write about claim to be the experts.  They are not.

RIP, Amy.  I will always love you, my fellow Virgo! xo

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