RIP Jane Russell

Posted by The G on February 28, 2011 under Celebrities | Read the First Comment

Photo and autograph courtesy of my massive in-person autograph collection.

Jane Russell

Jane Russell

Very sad news out of Hollywood.  Movie bombshell Jane Russell has died at age 89.  I had the opportunity to meet Jane Russell many times and she was usually very nice to fans.  I will never forget an autograph hound trying to get Jane Russell’s attention once and in a very small space, she yelled out, “JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNEEEE.”  That became a source of smiles amongst my family for years!  Jane was gorgeous throughout her life, proving that plastic surgery is not needed to grow old beautifully.  After decades of being a sex symbol, Jane Russell became a very conservative Republican endorsing the Iraq War, speaking out against abortion (even in cases of rape and incest) and even crusaded to get the Bible “back in school.”  Weird how that happens!  At any rate, a legend has been lost.  RIP Jane or as the autograph hound would say, “JAAAAAAAANNNNNNEEEE!”

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