An Encounter with Elly Jackson of LaRoux

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Elly Jackson of LaRoux and G!

I love LaRoux!  They have delectable dance songs and they are always fun to see in concert.  I was fortunate enough to attend a very intimate last minute free gig at the Renaissance Hotel in New York on November 16, 2010.  I mentioned the show in a previous post and it was excellent!  In fact, I’d love it if LaRoux released an EP with the chilled out versions of their songs (fingers crossed!)  Prior to hearing totally different versions of “In For The Kill,” “I’m Not Your Toy” and “Bulletproof,” I met LaRoux’ lead singer Elly Jackson.  She was being pulled away by the people with her to not stop, but she made a point to stop and greet me!  Love that!  In addition to taking the above photo, she also signed 2 cd covers as well as a photo I took of her at her first New York gig!  It was at that point that the people she was with paid me a compliment on the cool photo.  Thanks again to Elly Jackson for being so cool and for making such great music.  Really looking forward to LaRoux’ next album, which is supposed to be sonically different than their debut. Can’t wait!

LaRoux live at the Renaissance Hotel

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Elly Jackson of LaRoux

I proved today that Twitter is not entirely useless!  [Side note, you can follow me at According2g, if you are interested].  LaRoux announced via Twitter that they’d be doing an intimate performance at the Renaissance Hotel in New York in the afternoon of November 16, 2010 and I was front row (as always) to catch all the action.  I met LaRoux’ lead singer Elly Jackson prior to the show and she was extremely nice (more on that to come, so stay tuned).  The lobby of the Renaissance Hotel was turned into a lounge setting and LaRoux performed a 4 song acoustic set.  I’d estimate that less than 50 people were there so in addition to getting to hear different versions of LaRoux’ songs, the setting was extremely intimate!  Apparently the show is being broadcast in Times Square later today and will probably surface on the internet shortly thereafter.  The band opened and closed with a nice chill-out version of “In For The Kill.”  Next was a smooth version of “I’m Not Your Toy.”  Elly Jackson sang “Bulletproof” with just her on guitar (which was really cool) and the band closed like they opened, with “In For The Kill.”  They asked if we would not video the show, but you know me – between having selective hearing  and not wanting to disappoint my beloved readers, I had no choice – so stay tuned for a video of “Bulletproof” in the next few days. LaRoux is playing New York’s Terminal 5 on November 17, 2010.


Robyn News

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Attention Los Angeles gays! Robyn is doing a rare DJ set at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood on November 15, 2010 and she’ll be performing at the Nokia Theater on November 17, 2010.

Good luck and godspeed.

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