Group Graff at Dorian Grey Gallery

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Photos by G.  Various Artists.

A photograph of BEAU's tag over a Mr. Brainwash by Mares.

The “Group Graff” show at Dorian Grey Gallery in New York is both interesting and perplexing all at the same time.  As an avid lover of street art, it’s always great to see works in person by Banksy and Keith Haring.  Mixing those legendary names with some relatively unknowns who are allegedly making an impact on the street scene (at least according to the press release), was a bit confusing to me.  Keep in mind, I enjoyed seeing the art and would recommend this exhibit to fans of street art, but in some cases, a cropped photograph of a graffiti tag is more expensive than purchasing an original work of art from the actual street artist!

Group Graff - Keith Haring

Group Graff - Keith Haring

Did the curator just happen upon a stack of street art and decide to launch an exhibit or was there more thought involved?  That’s for you to decide.   I think that putting a work of art by Banksy and one by imitator Hanksy in the same room is a crime!   If you need help curating next time, please give me a call!  An international fan base of readers will agree that I know what I am talking about!

Group Graff - Jeremy Penn

Group Graff - Jeremy Penn

The artists featured in the show are: Keith Haring, LA 2, Futura, Richard Hambleton, COPE 2, & CRASH, Bansky and DOLK, XAM, SeeOne, Penn & AVone.

“Group Graff” runs until May 16, 2012 at Dorian Grey Gallery in New York (located at 437 East 9th Street at Avenue A).

Graffiti NYC: Artists of the Third Rail

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Photos by G.

Graffiti NYC: Artists of the Third Rail. Now showing at the Benrimon Gallery in NYC through August 10, 2010

Benrimon Contemporary has a great exhibit called “Graffiti NYC: Artists of the Third Rail.”  The exhibit is a mixed media presentation of all things from the urban art culture scene.  You’ll see photographs, paintings, sculptures, murals and live presentations from artists such as Martha Cooper, John Naar, Richard Hambleton, Snake1, Noc167, Jamestop, Strayhigh149, PNUT, Cap1, Tracy168, Futura2000, Dondi, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Phetus.  The exhibit is really cool and I highly recommend you check it out if you are in the New York area between now and August 10, 2010.  Benrimon Contemporary is located at 514 West 24th Street, 2nd Floor.

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