Robert Mapplethorpe, Basquiat at Robert Miller Gallery

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Photos of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photos by G.

Robert Mapplethorpe Photos on display at Robert Miller Gallery in NYC. Through October 30, 2010

Fans of Scissor Sisters will surely appreciate seeing the actual Robert Mapplethorpe photo that was used for the cover art of their brilliant 3rd record “Night Work” when you head over to the Robert Miller Gallery in New York.  Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of Mapplethorpe’s work, but I finally got to see a selection of his really controversial photos in the flesh (pun definitely intended).  It pleases me so much that at on the same day in New York, you can see this exhibit as well as the ultra-controversial “Made In Heaven Paintings” exhibit by Jeff Koons.  It gives me (possible false) hope that people are starting to loosen up.  When the criminals of Wall Street are allowed to roam the streets freely each day, it hardly seems shocking to see a picture of a man peeing into another man’s mouth or an artist coming all over his wife’s face and taking photos of it, respectively – according2g.  Also on display at Robert Miller are some works by Basquiat and Mayumi Terada.  These exhibits are showing until October 30, 2010, so don’t miss out.  The Robert Miller Gallery is located at 524 West 26th Street in New York.

After the jump, see two Mapplethorpe photos that are extremely NSFCMP (Not safe for closed minded people).  If you are at work reading this site, my suggestion is that you call your mates over to your desk before clicking “more,” because I think the time is right to ask yourself – if these people that I spend most of my life with are offended by the following images, have I made a serious error in my life?

Basquiat at Robert Miller.

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Patti Smith and Steven Sebring: Objects of Life

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Photos by G.

Patti Smith and Steven Sebring: Objects of Life

If you are in New York’s Chelsea area, you must go to the Robert Miller Gallery and check out their latest exhibition: Patti Smith and Sebring – Objects of Life.  Yes, this is the same Patti Smith who redefined Rock and Roll both with her provocative music, poetry and images.  I had the pleasure of seeing this legend in concert a few years ago at the final show of legendary club CBGB and that experience changed my life for the better.  This exhibit is a companion to Smith’s latest book Just Kids, which gives fans a glimspe into her relationship with the always controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. This exhibit is a multi-media experience with photos, videos, art and sculpture and should not be missed (even if it is only 12 degrees outside)!  Objects of Life is showing until February 13, 2010.

Enjoy some more photos after the jump.

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