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Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light at Joe's Pub April 2014

Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light at Joe’s Pub April 2014

New York’s favorite import is back to stay!  Bright Light Bright Light (aka Rod Thomas) is back on our soil and at a sold out show at Joe’s Pub on April 25, 2014 in New York, he gave the crowd many reasons to believe in hope (excuse the pun).

He began the show by performing his upcoming album “Life Is Easy” in full on piano.  The record will be released in July 2014 and like his debut album, “Make Me Believe in Hope,” the songs deal with love, despair and and gratitude.  Rod’s voice is like a little slice of heaven with ridiculously catchy pop hooks that will make you want to get yourself to the nearest dance-floor immediately.  The first single is called “I Wish We Were Leaving” and it features guest vocals from Sir Elton John, whom Rod will be touring with in Europe in June and July 2014.

Rod Thomas mentioned that he can officially call Brooklyn his permanent home (on behalf of New York, welcome to the neighborhood, Rod!) and he is working with another beloved Brookylnite, Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters on the second Slo Knights album, which will hopefully see release later on in 2014.

During the encore, while he played the crowd favorite “Immature” off his first record, he mentioned that if you pre-order “Life Is Easy” on his official website, you will get a digital copy of the audio from the Joe’s Pub show!  I was at the show and it was a night to remember, so make sure you order your copy and spread the word!

The tracklist for “Life Is Easy” (released in July 2014) is:

1. Everything I Ever Wanted
2. There Are No Miracles
3. I Wish We Were Leaving (with Elton John)
4. An Open Heart
5. Good Luck
6. I Believe
7. Lust For Life
8. More Than Most
9. In Your Care
10. Too Much
11. Happiness


Review: Bright Light Bright Light at Joe’s Pub

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Bright Light x2 at Joe's Pub

Bright Light x2 at Joe’s Pub

US fans of Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light got a special treat at his show on April 5, 2013 at Joe’s Pub in New York as he performed with a full band.  Rod’s played here a few times with just himself and a piano, and those shows were great as they really focused on his amazing voice, but hearing his songs with their delicious dance beats is the proper way these songs are meant to be heard.

Bright Light x2 at Joe's Pub

Bright Light x2 at Joe’s Pub

Backed with a drummer, a keyboard player and 3 background vocalists, Bright Light Bright Light’s hour long show featured his signature dance floor break up/love songs “Waiting For The Feeling,” “Feel It” and my favorite,  “Love Part II.”  In between songs, he mentioned how happy he was to be playing for us.  While his lyrics deal sometimes with heartbreak, there was nothing but love at Joe’s Pub.

Bright Light x2 and Del Marquis at Joe's Pub

Bright Light x2 and Del Marquis at Joe’s Pub

For the song “Cry at Films,” Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters sang guest vocals as he does on the album version.  Rumour has it that Bright Light Bright Light has relocated to New York, which means we can expect many more performances to come, so make sure you stay connected.  Thanks for a great night BLBL!

Bright Light x2 at Joe's Pub

Bright Light x2 at Joe’s Pub

See the setlist after the jump.

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Video: “Feel It” live by Bright Light Bright Light

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This is a live version of the new single by singer Rod Thomas, who is better known by his stage name Bright Light Bright Light.  The track is called “Feel It” and we at are feelin’ it!  The video was recorded at Piano’s in New York on August 2, 2012.  Pass it on.


Video: “Love (Part II)” live by Bright Light Bright Light

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On August 2, 2012, the amazingly talented singer Rod Thomas, better known by his stage name Bright Light Bright Light performed a stripped down solo set at Pianos in New York.  If you haven’t heard Rod’s debut album “Make Me Believe in Hope,” I highly encourage that you check it out.  First off, Rod’s voice is amazing!  His songs deal with love, heartbreak and optimism – with a pounding dance beat!  Spotted in the audience was Rod’s friend and collaborator, Scissor Sisters’ guitarist Del Marquis.  Del did not perform “Cry at Films” like he did during Bright Light Bright Light’s last New York show, but if you want to see a video of that, click here. 🙂

And now, check out my favorite song from “Make Me Believe In Hope,” “Love (Part II).”  Though the video is dark (the lights were kept low so we could have a nice intimate vibe), I think you’ll agree that Rod blows the roof off with his performance!


Make sure you also follow Bright Light Bright Light on Soundcloud as Rod’s mash-up remixes are awesome, and many times, he gives them away to his fans for FREE!  Bright Light Bright Light has a new single coming out soon – and the video was filmed this week in NYC, so stay tuned for that (and guess what, I took a video of Rod performing the song at Pianos as well – double bonus!).

Q&A with Bright Light Bright Light’s Rod Thomas

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Bright Light Bright Light aka Rod Thomas is setting the music world on fire.  His debut album “Make Me Believe in Hope” is released in the United States today, June 26, 2012!   The album is pop perfection with highly danceable and extremely addictive songs.  This collection of songs deals with finding love, being in love and getting your heart broken and all to delectable dance beats.  If my glowing recommendation to get the album is not enough, Sir Elton John was recently quoted as saying that “Bright Light Bright Light is the hottest thing in the music business at the moment.”

I asked Rod Thomas a few questions, but before you familiarize yourself with the man, get to know his music.  Click play to start your day off right!

According2G:     What are your favorite pop songs of all time?

Bright Light Bright Light: Oh God … so many. ‘Hyperballad’ by Bjork is probably my favourite song ever. I guess that’s pop … but of the more full-on pop nature … maybe ‘Dreamer’ by Livin’ Joy, ‘Power Of A Woman’ by Eternal (purely for the number of key changes) or ‘Whadda Ya Want From Me’ by Frankie Knuckles and Adeva.

A2G:     You collaborated with Scissor Sisters guitarist Del Marquis on “Cry At Films” which is available on your debut album “Make Me Believe In Hope.”  How did that come about?

BLBL: When I was in NYC in the summer of 2009, I emailed Del as I’d heard his solo records and loved them. So we met for dinner and went to watch Depeche Mode together. We hung out and got on really well musically and as friends. Then I produced ‘Cry At Films’ on the plane home, sent it to him when we were swapping some music and he liked it. So we ended up turning it into a collaboration as we became better friends. It was such an incredible feeling to first hear someone from one of my FAVOURITE bands on my own song!

A2G:     A lot of your mash-ups are widely circulated on the net.  What’s your favorite mash-up you’ve done?  How do you come up with the ideas for mash-ups? [Editors note: many BLBL mashups can be downloaded on his official Soundcloud page.]

BLBL: I think my favourite mashup is my track [“Your Lovin Moves (BLBL vs. Billie Ray Martin)”] which is ‘Moves’ verses Billie Ray Martin ‘Your Loving Arms’. It sounds really epic and really sad, I love it. Her voice just soars.

A2G:    What are your favorite cities to perform in?

BLBL: NYC is a really special place to play for me. I’ve not played in too many cities, but Paris is always fun and Barcelona was a blast.

A2G:     Do you feel any barriers in the music industry due to your sexuality?

BLBL: It’s not as black and white as that, I wouldn’t say. Only when you’re in venues and some other bands are laddy making boring “that’s so gay” comments, which isn’t even homophobia. It’s just fratty humour. I wouldn’t say I feel that that has been a hurdle over anything else.

A2G:     What’s currently on your ipod?

BLBL: Arthur Russell (all time fave – Calling Out Of Context), Magnetic Fields (69 Love Songs), Austra, Broadcast, Dubstar and Nova Social.

A2G:     What goes through your mind when you play live?

BLBL: It’s weird, I kind of zone out. I tend to get quite lost in it and sometimes I’ll play whole songs and then tune back in before I realise what’s happened. Everything and nothing.

A2G:     After people listen to your album, what do you hope they take away from the experience?

BLBL: I hope that it connects with them in some way. The whole record is about connections with people and places, so I hope that the songs reach out and mean something to whoever listens. I hope that they at least feel that it’s made out of love of making music, and from a desire to be a musician not a desire to be famous or jump on a bandwagon.

A2G:     What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

BLBL: Depeche Mode at Madison Square Garden was immense, and Joanna Newsom with a full orchestra at Barbican, London was mindblowing.

A2G: 5 years from now, what do you want to have on your list of accomplishments?

BLBL: I would like to have recorded another few albums that I’m happy with, I’d have loved to have toured the US, met even more amazing people (the best thing about music and travelling), I’d like to have learned Spanish, and to have made my family proud.

Thanks again Rod for taking the time to answer some questions for us and I am looking forward to seeing your name across the world in bright lights!  New York – reserve August 2, 2012 for a special acoustic performance from Bright Light Bright Light at Pianos.  Ticket details are forthcoming.  “Make Me Believe in Hope” by Bright Light Bright Light is out NOW!  Get it and tell a friend!

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