Video: “Crucify Your Mind” live by Rodriguez at Barclays Center

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HD Video by G.

On October 9, 2013, Rodriguez performed his largest New York show to date at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.  The audience soaked up every word and every note uttered by Rodriguez and it was great to see the legendary singer finally receiving the career the fame and success he deserves.  If you haven’t seen the Academy Award winning documentary “Searching For Sugarman,” you should definitely check it out as it will warm your heart.

This video, on the other hand will crucify your mind.  Never worry, it’s merely the title of the song!

Enjoy and thanks for a great show Rodriguez!


An Encounter with Rodriguez

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Photo by G.

Rodriguez and Geoffrey Dicker

Rodriguez and Geoffrey Dicker

Sixto Rodriguez is having quite a year.  After decades of obscurity, a documentary entitled “Searching for Sugar Man” about the 70s folk singer got released and Rodriguez (as he is better known) is enjoying global success now.  The documentary won an Oscar at the Academy Awards and Rodriguez is performing at massive venues across the country!  This just goes to show that success can happen at any age.  What an inspiration.  Great meeting you Rodriguez!  Thanks again!

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