Michael Jackson – Rolling Stone Article

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"The King of POOP is dead!"   photo by G

"The King of POOP is dead!" photo by G

Rolling Stone magazine’s latest cover story is on Michael Jackson.  I posted a street art sticker I found about Michael, since Rolling Stone picked the most horrible photo they could find (see below) for this non-event article that might tell you a thing or two that you didn’t know, but only if you’ve been trapped in a cave in Somalia for the last month.  It appears that Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone are in a race for the championship in which magazine can suck the most.  What do you think?

The one interesting thing about the Michael Jackson article, is they mention his jealousy and competition with singer Prince multiple times.  Their rivalry started when Prince refused to duet with Michael on the song “Bad,” in 1988, which I think was a “good” move for Prince.  Michael ended up agreeing to perform 31 shows at the O2 Arena in London, just to have 10 more under his belt than Prince and when his handlers told Michael to stop writing songs and get some rest to prepare for rehearsals for the tour that never happened, Michael reportedly told them, “if I don’t soak up this divine gift and write these songs down, Prince will get it.” It was unclear if he said “sh’mon” after that.

I think it was the meds talking.

Let’s recap: Drugs are bad. Michael Jackson has a song and album called bad. Jealousy is bad. This magazine cover is bad. This magazine used to be good, but now it’s bad.

Rolling Stone with the worst picture imaginable of Michael Jackson.  Out now!

Rolling Stone with the worst picture imaginable of Michael Jackson. Out now!

Adam Lambert

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Adam Lambert.  Photoshopping by G

Adam Lambert. Photoshopping by G

As most of my readers know, I am not a watcher of “American Idle.”  For months, I kept hearing about Adam Lambert and that he’s being called a “Freddie Mercury for the new generation.” Of course, I immediately take issue with anyone using the Queen’s name in vain, but after reading an article about him in Rolling Stone magazine, I like the guy.  At a Burning Man ceremony, fueled with drugs, he had an epiphany that the only way to accomplish your dreams is to make them happen by acting on them and not just by talking about making them come true.  He also mentions that being gay is just a part of his life and it’s not his entire life, so he doesn’t feel the need to start and end every sentence with it.  Rock on Adam!  I’m sure wherever Freddie is, he’s thinking “there is only one me, but you’re pretty cool too.”

GooGoo for GaGa?

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Poke her face?

Poke her face?

I just finished reading the Rolling Stone article on Lady GaGa and then I walked outside and saw this sticker and poster on my street, so I thought I’d ask my readers what they think of Lady Gaga?  If you aren’t familiar with her, she’s like a cross between Madonna, Dale Bozzio, Cyndi Lauper, but is already wearing Thierry Mugler at age 23!  Share your thoughts on the “Poker Face” singer, who admits in the article that she learned how to do her hair and make-up after endless sessions of doing cocaine and looking at herself in the mirror.  That makes us oh so proud!

All we hear on the radio is Gaga!

All we hear on the radio is Gaga!

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