Desperately Seeking Susan Turns 25!

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Desperately Seeking Susan stars Rosanna Arquette and Aidan Quinn

The Queen of everything cool and I attended the 25th anniversary one-night-only screening of “Desperately Seeking Susan,” and it was a blast!  Blog confession:  somehow, someway even though I was a huge Madonna fan and I grew up in the 80s, I realized tonight that I’d only seen clips of this movie in the video to “Into The Groove.”  I would have remembered the scenes with Laurie Metcalf going out with Steven Wright, Madonna’s priceless facial expressions, a less than finished mix of “Into the Groove” that plays in a club scene and over the end credits, Aidan Quinn’s hot bod, and the scene where Madonna smokes a joint!  The movie definitely has some bad hair and fashion decisions by today’s standards, but it really holds up well and it serves as a nice time capsule of a New York that doesn’t exist anymore now that it has been gentrified.  Most of the cast and crew assembled at the Walter Reade Theater for a special screening that included a Q&A session afterward.  Sadly, Madonna did not turn up, but as you can see after the jump, Rosanna Arquette (Roberta), Aidan Quinn (Dez), Mark Blum (Gary Glass) and Director Susan Seidelman were in attendance.

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