Salvador Dali and Ice Cube

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Dali and Ice Cube

Dali and Ice Cube

What do Dali and Ice Cube have in common?  Absolutely nothing.  However, they both appear as stencils on this wall at 5 Points in Queens.

“Living In The Bottle” by Sienide

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Photos by G. Art by Sienide.

Sade by Sienide

Sade by Sienide

New York based artist Sienide’s latest exhibit “Living in the Bottle” at Phantom Audio in Manhattan features a series of contemporary icons.  All of the art was created using wine as the primary medium!  It was especially cool to see this exhibit as Sien’s art career began with outdoor murals that are scattered across the 5 boroughs.  “Living in the Bottle” shows off a completely different side to the artist.  The exhibit feautres portraits of people we all know and love such as Marilyn Monroe, Miles Davis, Chaka Khan and Amy Winehouse.

Miles Davis, Salvador Dali by Sienide

Bitches Brew era Miles Davis, Salvador Dali by Sienide

I spoke with Sien at the opening night reception and I asked him about the works in the show.  He explained that for each work, he had to allow time to let the wine dry, so in essence, each piece took many months to complete.  He said that the darker the work, the more wine (and thus drying time) it took to make.  I also asked him how he discovered he had a knack for making art with wine and as he is an “illestrator,” it was a process of trial and error after his inquisitive side took over.

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando by Sienide

“Living in the Bottle” is showing at Phantom Audio (located at 48 West 25th Street, 10th Floor) in Manhattan until July 31, 2011.

Happy 107th Birthday, Salvador Dali

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Photo by G. Art by Salvador Dali.

The Accomodations of Desire by Dali

The Accomodations of Desire by Salvador Dali

Happy birthday to one of the great masters and one of my favorite artists, Salvador Dali.   Martha Graham and Irving Berlin were also born on this day.  Legendary!

Beau Knows Mr. Brainwash

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Photo by G.

Salvador Dali Drinking A Coke by Mr. Brainwash

Artist Mr. Brainwash’s recently closed Icons exhibit in New York was definitely one of my favorite art shows of the year as it included hundreds of works by the world’s newest art star.  The above image is an improvement on a Salvador Dali painting with a twist:  the face on crutches is drinking a soda!  It was one of my favorite works in the exhibit and I thought it was damn near perfect.

That is, until I saw this image which landed in my inbox.

Beau Knows Mr. Brainwash. Photo by ?

Artist Beau has struck again and according2g, this is friggin’ brilliant!  For those that never had the chance to see the Icons exhibit, you should know the following – This piece is displayed out in the open and it’s housed right next to several gallery people that patrol the grounds.  How on earth did Beau pull this one off?!  I am really looking forward to seeing what Beau comes up with next because once you swindle a swindler, anything is possible!

Beau knows brilliance!

Hello Dali!

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Photo by G.  Art by….

Ever been to the Himalayas?

While this fabulous piece of art looks like it was done by Salvador Dali, the face on the crutches is having a soda from McDonalds.  So immediately you think “this is a Banksy,” yet it’s not.  It’s Mr. Brainwash.  You can see this at his Icons exhibit now through the end of March in New York, so get your cute little buns over there.  Speaking of Mr. Brainwash, here’s an interesting interview that Blackbook magazine did with the artist.

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