Santa Claus by Eviair

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Photo by G.



Did ya hear the one about the only guy ever born in the Middle East with totally white skin?

Remember on this Jesus Day 2011 that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything!

Happy hols from your friend at


Breaking News: Santa is a Cross-Dresser

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Photo by G.

Santa Claus poses at the Ted Baker store.

I’ve always said that buying useless presents that people can get themselves at Christmas time is a drag.  At the Ted Baker store, it appears they are also making a mockery of this silly holiday. Suddenly, I think I like the Ted Baker label a lot more.  I wonder how the Republicans are going to react to this news, since there’s nothing to repeal.  A fact is a fact:  Santa Claus is a cross-dresser.  Ho ho ho!

What a drag!

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