The Truth About Social Media: Social Media Is Bullshit!

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Photo by Amy.

Geoffrey to Social Media

Geoffrey to Social Media

Newsflash – Social media is bullshit!  Back in the day, before the internet, it really took a lot of hard work and effort to get your message out there and these days, with the click of a button, you can blast your self promotion to the masses in a matter of seconds.

In more technologically primitive times, it was really hard to measure the results of your marketing efforts.  Now with the internet, we don’t need the “Nielsen Ratings” estimations of how many people viewed your product, we have ACTUALS!  And now that we have actuals, I am breaking the news to you that social media is actually a waste of time, energy and money.

Sure, if you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for fun, you might get some use out of these things.  If you are trying to make money, gain a following or spread a message, you might be better off standing on the street corner with a megaphone shouting at passing cars.  If companies are telling you that social media is saving their lives or increasing their bottom line by leaps and bounds, they are fucking liars and you should take your business elsewhere.

With the advent of sites like (where you can purchase social media followers for nominal amounts of money), you literally get what you pay for – higher numbers in the amount of people who follow you, but they are just that – numbers.  They are not real people, people that can help see or spread your message and get you customers.  They are just a number to brag to people to keep up with the online Joneses.

Let’s look at this in terms of simple math:  If you have 1,000 followers and you are able to sell $1,000 worth in product to each of them, you could make a cool $100,000 per year.  When you have 1,000 followers and a large portion of them are fake, suddenly having a huge number doesn’t really seem to do much after all.   Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but overall, people spin the uselessness of social media by shouting to their followers – “Look at me, I have [Insert huge number of followers here] followers” rather than say “I have a [huge number of followers] and my message is not getting spread!”

Google and Facebook’s algorithms have changed and now a lot of times you cannot reach your own friends/followers unless you pay!  When I started writing my blog 5 years ago, my ranking in Google searches was always based upon my timeliness to post the information before other sites and because I strive for excellence, I always ranked high.  Since I refuse to pay to have my ranking increased, by changing nothing on my end, except writing more and seeing less traffic, my site doesn’t rank as highly in Google searches anymore, and for an indie site like myself – it hurts my traffic badly!

On Facebook, they’ve instituted a new policy whereby you have to pay for your followers/friends to see your content.  Your friends/followers have to physically change their settings to show particular users feeds, which most people either don’t know about or do not do and that also hurts traffic. When I cannot make a living off this site and my goal is to turn people on to art & music they might not otherwise be exposed to and I can’t even do THAT, it kind of makes the site seem pointless and many other writers I’ve spoken to are feeling the same way.

On Twitter, you hear about tweets going viral nearly every day.  This is the reality (and is in no way a diss to the Tate Museum, whom I am a huge fan of.  I just want to illustrate my point):  On December 19, 2013, London’s Tate Museum posted the subject #ArtXmasFilms and they listed a couple of famous films and juxtaposed them with some famous artists.  They ended the tweet with “can you do better?”   I added my two cents “to the conversation” and I got retweeted!  Amazing!  Even more amazing is the fact that the Tate Museum has a whopping 994,867 followers!!! My tweet was the only tweet for several hours in Tate Modern’s timeline and it was retweeted during a “prime time” in London (around 9 pm).

Screen capture of Tate retweeting me

Phone screen capture of Tate retweeting me.

After the jump, see what having nearly ONE MILLION pairs of eyes seeing my tweet did for me.

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Grindr Enthusiast Perez Hilton Becomes A Father

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Photo from my iPhone.

Perez Hilton's Grindr Profile Photo

Perez Hilton’s Grindr Profile Photo

Internet bully and gossip monger Perez Hilton (real name Mario Lavandeira)  has announced that he is a father.  This is a sad day for humanity and I express my condolences and deepest sympathy for that poor child.

Perez Hilton is a perfect example of how our society has become a large toilet filled with shit as his flip flopping position on tearing down celebrities and then moments later kissing their asses, depending on which way the wind blows, is VILE.  You never see ANY photos that he has taken on his site (and as a perfect example how he just steals –  his made up “stage name” is a rip off of a celebrity name for crying out loud!) Instead, he farms out his photos from photo agencies which makes him nothing more than an armchair critic and huge bully as he has surely contributed to the downfall of many celebrities.  It’s a sad commentary on society that his website gets any viewers at all, let alone is extremely popular because what he does is promote hatred to the masses and his website has inspired countless other sites to do the same thing.  SCARY!  Even more disgusting is the fact that since his website gets a lot of web traffic, the same celebrities he’s torn down have to kiss his ass to get coverage because they want the exposure.  It’s truly disgusting and should be reexamined.  Anyone that looks at that website is nothing more than an enabler, so my advice is BOYCOTT it completely and all sites that promote hatred and they will disappear!  Become part of the solution, not part of the problem!!!

As a true fan of the arts and a person who loves meeting and hanging out with celebrities, websites like Perez Hilton really help to ruin the experience for us because it encourages douche bag photographers to try and catch celebrities with their pants down, so to speak, which means they have to be extremely aggressive to make their money (which can cause dangerous situations) and it also makes celebrities uneasy to figure out who their fans are versus people that are just trying to make a buck off of them.  For that, I truly despise Perez Hilton and the like.

If I can do my part in spreading this message to the masses, I am all too happy to do so and I encourage you to do the same.

Last year, Perez was 690 feet away from me on the popular gay hookup app Grindr and I couldn’t resist taking a screen shot of his profile because one day I knew it would come in handy.  Today is that day.  Of course he is not worthy enough to become embroiled in a major scandal for being outed for using Grindr, but if this photo can ruin his happiness like he’s viciously done to so many people, then my work here is finished.

Chick-Fil-A: The G Commentary

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Photo by G.


Chick-Fil-A (located in Costa Mesa, California)

Growing up in Southern California, I’ve been eating at Chick-Fil-A since I was a little kid.  Lord knows what they do to their chicken, but I’ve always found it to be delicious.  For a fast food restaurant, I can think of many memorable experiences there and that is a testament to their food.  I’ve known for most of my life that the chain is owned and operated by conservative Christians.  While their beliefs are dramatically different than mine, I agree to disagree.  Since I moved to New York (where there is only one Chick-Fil-A and it’s located in the NYU cafeteria, thus making it terribly inconvenient to eat at), when I visit my family in California, one of the things I look forward to the most is eating at Chick-Fil-A.  Hell, I enjoy their food enough to take photos of the sign, just to make all my New York friends jealous!

While they make scrumptious fast food chicken, somehow the CEO of Chick-Fil-A has decided that he needs to get up on a soap box and tell the world – NOT about chicken but about what God will and will not accept in regards to marriage.  If you put all the hate aside for just one second and you analyze this: “A fast food chain, whose food at best is UNHEALTHY for you,  is preaching about  family values as directed from God – SAY WHAT?!” you’d think the entire world would laugh in their face.  Welcome to 2012.  While wars are being fought, while the world is in one of the largest economic crises of all time and while technology is growing at an exponential rate thus giving more power to the people, the media and conservative politicians are taking to the streets to publicize the views of a motherfucking fast food chicken chain!  WOW!

So here’s what I think the real issue is amongst these conservatives (not just at Chick-Fil-A, but across any conservative institution that tries to tell you that they are right and you are wrong for your innate feelings):  When it comes to sexuality, which is an infinite concept – you cannot put a label on it.  Trying to capture an infinite concept really pisses people off – because you CAN’T!  That really makes people’s egos shrink and we all know that most people have bigger egos than penises. Let me elaborate on my earlier concept.  It’s entirely plausible that a gay male would have sex with a female, just for the hell of it (if the right situation came up), but make no mistake about it, it would mean nothing.  It would not make the person necessarily bisexual; it would just mean that the person is open to experimentation.  One of the advantages of being gay is the fact that your world view is extremely liberal- and why?  BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!!!!  By keeping yourself open to the possibilities, you are not limiting yourself to a potentially great thing.  At the end of the day, a gay male is into being with guys.  On the other hand if you give a conservative straight guy a 6 pack of beer, suddenly their entire sense of values changes.  Whether they act on it or not is a different story, but the fact that those thoughts could even pop into their heads somehow drives them up the wall.  If a straight man thinks about getting jiggy with another man, it doesn’t mean he has to define his sexuality in any other way than he is “curious.”   We’re all curious.  Sexuality is a curious concept.  It’s INFINITE so there’s no sense in trying to define it. What works for one person may not work for another.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  We all know that many people want to flaunt what they’ve got, just to fuel their ego.  Hate to break it to you conservative straighties, no matter how hot your wife is – US GAYS DON’T GIVE A FUCK!  Flaunting what you’ve got is not going to make us jealous and give rise to your ego.  It’s not going to happen.  Why does that drive you crazy?  Can’t we all just get along?

These conservatives are so afraid of their own imagination, they are willing to wait in extra long lines to eat unhealthy fast food chicken just so they don’t have to deal with their own curiosity.  You’ve seen all the media reports about the gay employees of Chick-Fil-A ‘breaking their silence,’ and you’ve seen all the video footage of lines wrapped around the block for people to effectively clog their arteries, but has anyone ever come out and said “Sexuality is nothing to be afraid of.”  The answer is YES.  On  Turn off the media and turn on your mind.  Even if it’s to entertain same sex thoughts.

Shame on you Chick-Fil-A for promoting hate instead of love.   Shame on you media for giving this story ANY attention.  There are much more serious issues at hand in the world.  Have you heard the word “Monsanto” (who has effectively poisoned the ENTIRE world’s food supply – look it up if you don’t believe me) brought up even ONCE during this whole scandal?  Of course not.  Take a look at the Bible and let us all know where Jesus talks about discriminating against people for living differently than you.  While you’re at it, show us where Jesus talks about loving thy neighbor as thyself.

Don’t be a chicken!

Have You Seen My Wiener?

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Photo by G.

Have You Seen My Wiener

Have You Seen My Wiener

Anthony Weiner is not only a douche bag, but he’s also street art.  I couldn’t care less that he cheated on his wife or sent out pictures of his cock to women.   People (not all, obviously) are cheaters.  It’s nothing new.  What pisses me off is that this SOB did all of this on company time and there are SO many great workers that are WILLING to work out of jobs right now.  This guy should have been out on his ass a long time ago, because I guarantee you, if you did these types of things and got caught by your company, they’d get rid of you quicker than shit through a goose.  Also, our tax dollars are going to pay this MF’s salary.  I refuse to pay for this scumbag’s on the side whores.  I want a refund.  You should all ask for one too.  It’s the only way things are going to change.  WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Beau Knows Mr. Brainwash

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Photo by G.

Salvador Dali Drinking A Coke by Mr. Brainwash

Artist Mr. Brainwash’s recently closed Icons exhibit in New York was definitely one of my favorite art shows of the year as it included hundreds of works by the world’s newest art star.  The above image is an improvement on a Salvador Dali painting with a twist:  the face on crutches is drinking a soda!  It was one of my favorite works in the exhibit and I thought it was damn near perfect.

That is, until I saw this image which landed in my inbox.

Beau Knows Mr. Brainwash. Photo by ?

Artist Beau has struck again and according2g, this is friggin’ brilliant!  For those that never had the chance to see the Icons exhibit, you should know the following – This piece is displayed out in the open and it’s housed right next to several gallery people that patrol the grounds.  How on earth did Beau pull this one off?!  I am really looking forward to seeing what Beau comes up with next because once you swindle a swindler, anything is possible!

Beau knows brilliance!

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