Video: “Yours” Acoustic by Dan Black

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HD Video by HD G.

You know how I’ve mentioned dozens of times that I love the singer Dan Black?  Well, this video will explain why.  He rules!  I was fortunate enough to attend a fashion week party in New York at Sak’s 5th Avenue where Dan Black performed a 5 song acoustic set!  His music is usually electro pop, but as you can see and hear from this video, he sounds great unplugged too.  I love the bit in the middle of the song where he asks the audience to clap along.  Enjoy Dan Black’s new single, “Yours” – acoustic!

Owen Pallett live at Terminal 5

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Photos by G.

Owen Pallett

On September 11, 2010, Owen Pallett opened for Dirty Projectors at New York’s Terminal 5.  I saw Owen last month at Madison Square Garden and I remarked at the time that I’d like to see him at a more intimate venue.  I got my wish (sort of) as Terminal 5 is a lot smaller than MSG.  Like the last time I saw Owen, I liked what I heard.  He plays the violin and sings at the same time and makes it look effortless!  Pallett samples himself and then uses the samples to give his music a full band effect and it works wonderfully.  Noticeably absent was his wedding ring, so I am putting it out there Mr. Pallett that I’m single and shirtless pictures of me are available upon request.  In the rare event that he just forgot it, I wasn’t trying to start any blasphemous rumours, I was just testing to see if all those spiritual books I read have any validity by throwing ideas out there to make them happen.

Owen Pallett

An Encounter with Britt Daniel of Spoon

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Photo taken with my hand.

Britt Daniel of Spoon and G

I’d like to thank the wonderful universe we live in for another wonderful experience!  I was flying back from a brilliant trip to Los Angeles (that I’ll be writing about for the next few weeks, mixed in with newer adventures) and on my flight was Britt Daniel, the lead singer of Spoon.  I recently saw Spoon for the first time last month, and after enjoying the show, I went out and got most of their albums!  In fact, whilst on vacation in LA, a friend of mine picked me up a ticket for Spoon’s secret show that will be taking place in just a few days.  I was standing at the baggage claim at LaGuardia airport in New York and I spotted Britt Daniel also collecting his bags.  He was super cool, as you can see above and I told him that I’d see him in a few days.  I’m extra excited for the show now and a full report will be coming soon!  Thanks again Britt!

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