“Live In Dreams” live by Wild Nothing

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HD Video by G.

Music fans looking for something new - today is your lucky day. If you are a fan of The Cure, The Smiths or Morrissey – the day has gotten even brighter (pun intended). You must check out the band Wild Nothing as their sound is definitely inspired by the legends I’ve listed, yet – they are not a rip-off. I really loved what I heard, as did the crowd when I saw them live at Terminal 5. I hope you like them as much as I do.

All you have to do is click play and enjoy “Live in Dreams” by Wild Nothing.

Wild Nothing live at Terminal 5

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Photos by G.

Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing

On September 24, 2010, Virginia’s Wild Nothing opened for Stars at Terminal 5 in New York.  It’s rare that an opening act outshines the main band (though I’ve seen it recently when The Rassle did it) and it happened again as Wild Nothing killed it (in a great way) with their 40 minute set.  Without being derivative, Wild Nothing’s music sounded a lot like The Smiths.  Jack Tatum’s voice and lyrical style are very reminiscent of the Moz, so if you miss those days where he crafted all those great songs, I think you’ll really enjoy Wild Nothing.  After each song, the band received thunderous applause and when they announced “this is our last song,” the audience was not happy about it!  Wild Nothing’s setlist consisted of tracks from their debut album “Gemini” and a live performance from their amazing set will be coming soon.  Please be patient.  I am one person with many great adventures.  I met Jack Tatum after the set and he was extremely nice.  That picture will be coming soon as well.  Best of luck to Wild Nothing.  I think they are going to be everything!

Wild Nothing

An Encounter with Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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Photo taken with my hand.

Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and G

Timing is everything!  On September 24, 2010, I was on my way to an appointment when I happened by Mercury Lounge.  Rumours are circulating throughout New York that Yeah Yeah Yeahs are performing a secret show to celebrate their 10th anniversary tonight.  As always, the rumours were true.  As I was walking past the venue, lead singer Karen O was walking into the building!  Wow!  I’ve had some pretty good timing before, but this really takes the cake!  She was super cool and I congratulated her on 10 awesome years.  Thanks Karen and here’s to 10 more!

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