Review: Corrupt Autopilot live at Pianos

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Corrupt Autopilot

Dima of Corrupt Autopilot

You know Dima makes great art, but did you know he also is a rock star?  His band Corrupt Autopilot played a show at New York’s Pianos on September 24, 2011 and I was there to catch all the action.  The 4 piece New York-based band rocks hard.  Their hour long set featured tracks off their latest album “Inside The Crystal Palace,” including the extremely catchy and uptempo “Television,” whose chorus announces “I sleep with the television on.”

Corrupt Autopilot

Bassist Nikolai Drjuchin created animation based on Dima’s art specifically for the shows and it is projected onto the band as they play, leaving the crowd in a psychedelic wonderland.  The show was extra special as it marked the final performance (for now) of their bass player Nikolai Drjuchin, who is moving to Los Angeles.  The audience gave him a nice send off as we grooved and danced the night away.  Thanks for rockin’ Corrupt Autopilot!

Dima, Nikolai of Corrupt Autopilot

Muse – Live at Giants Stadium

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Matthew Bellamy of Muse.

Matthew Bellamy of Muse.

On September 24, 2009 at Giants Stadium in New Jersey, Muse and U2 played a double bill for a night of exhilarating entertainment.  While Muse is still trying to make it big in the United States, they are massively successful worldwide.  In fact, their latest album “The Resistance,” was just released on September 14, 2009 and has already gone to number one in 16 countries.  I saw people wearing “Who cares about U2, I came to see Muse” T-shirts at the show and when they came on stage, they were electric.  Lead singer Matthew Bellamy plays guitar that a Jimi Hendrix fan would appreciate and sings like a lesser-depressed version of Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

See more pictures of Muse and the set list after the jump.

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