Video: “Fluorescent” live by Pet Shop Boys

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HD Video by G.

A few weeks ago, Pet Shop Boys brought their extremely visual and super awesome “Electric Tour” to New York’s Beacon Theatre.  I of course loved every minute of the show (and I went both nights) and one of the highlights was the visual extravaganza during the song “Fluorescent” off their excellent latest album “Electric.”  Many times the lights and lasers were so powerful, it nearly made my camera explode and several times, people having a conversation instead of paying attention to the show may be in the frame, so ignore that and enjoy this fabulous song!


An Encounter With Elbow

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Photos by G.

Guy Garvey (Lead Singer) of Elbow and Geoffrey Dicker

Guy Garvey (Lead Singer) of Elbow and G

You have no idea how much I love Elbow.  The 5 piece band from Manchester makes music that is epic.  It’s surprising to me that Elbow is not a household name in the USA, but I am doing my part.  Every time I play their music for people, they immediately go out and get all their records – and you should.  Their album “The Seldom Seen Kid” is easily one of my favorite albums of the 2000s.  Elbow announced a US tour before summer started and it was one of my most anticipated concerts of 2011.  It didn’t disappoint at all and in fact, I was overcome with emotion many times because I think their music is so beautiful.  It wasn’t all tears of joy; however, as lead singer Guty Garvey kept the audience laughing in between songs with really funny stories. I was fortunate enough to meet the band and I am beyond thrilled to report – they are all such nice guys!  Elbow – I consider meeting you one of the best belated birthday presents ever and thanks again for making music that has really made a positive impact on my life.  Thanks for being so cool and please come back to New York soon!

Craig Potter (Keyboards) Elbow and Geoffrey Dicker

Craig Potter (Keyboards) Elbow and G

Mark Potter (Guitar) Elbow and Geoffrey Dicker

Mark Potter (Guitar) Elbow and G


Pete Turner (Bass) Elbow and Geoffrey Dicker

Pete Turner (Bass) Elbow and G

Richard Jupp (Drums) of Elbow and Geoffrey Dicker

Richard Jupp (Drums) of Elbow and G

Thanks again Elbow!  I heart you!

Video: “Young Folks” live by Peter Bjorn and John

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HD Video by G.

Unfortunately, the youtube police are already on my ass about posting this video because of copyright infringement issues.  Dear youtube, I think the band will agree that this video is aiming to give a rock group I like exposure to an audience that might not be familiar with their music.  In no way do I seek to rob Peter Bjorn and John of one cent.  Spending a late night uploading this video is done with the intention of love, not profit. Love, G.

With that being said, enjoy an unlisted video of Peter Bjorn and John performing “Young Folks” live in New York on September 16, 2011.  Make sure you watch the second verse when Peter Moren takes a walk through the audience.  You’ll also see proof that the whistling you hear in the song is done by Peter!



An Encounter with Will Cotton

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Photos by G.

Will Cotton and G

On September 21, 2010, I saw the wonderful artist Will Cotton give a lecture about his life and career at Christie’s in New York.  Prior to the speech, I met the artist and he was super cool.  For those who don’t know the work of Will Cotton, he paints images of surreal candy landscapes!  His paintings look like actual photos and most of them are enormous in size.  His speech was very interesting as he took us through a brief history of his career and showed us some behind the scenes pictures of the maquettes he creates to make his paintings.  As most of his paintings consist of pastries, candy, pin-up models and ice cream – the photos he showed us were very interesting!  Through his love of these confections, he’s become quite a baker (and is looking into future installations combining his two loves).  Most recently, he painted the cover of singer Katy Perry’s new album “Teenage Dream.”  Yes, the cover is not a photograph but a Will Cotton painting!  (I’m imagining all of you out there pulling out your Katy Perry album and exclaiming “holy s#$!” at this moment).  I took a video of Will talking about his experiences working with Katy Perry, so stay tuned for that!  Thanks again Will for the insight into your wonderful world.

Will Cotton

G Meets Kevin Bacon

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Kevin Bacon and G.  Photo taken with my hand.

Kevin Bacon and G. Photo taken with my hand.

Yesterday on my way to Central Park for a wonderful day of Frisbee in the Park, I ran into Kevin Bacon walking down 9th Avenue.  Kevin and his uber-cool Synchronicity by the Police T-shirt were happy to take a photo with me.

This means that now in the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game, I am only one degree away.  To be perfectly honest, the next time you play that game, it would tickle me if you drop my name to get to him.  All I ask is that you use my full URL when doing so.  (That part is optional)

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