An Encounter with Sarah Jessica Parker

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Geoffrey Dicker

Sarah Jessica Parker and Geoffrey Dicker

Yes, it’s not the greatest picture of me, but give a guy a break!  The scene:  25 degrees out in New York and the gorgeous Sarah Jessica Parker is inches away.  It was beyond freezing and Sarah was leaving an event, trying to get to her car.  Of course she got mobbed and luckily for all of us, there was a slight delay in her car arriving to pick her up.  I think for warmth and to help pass the time without thinking about the cold, she posed for photos with fans, which lucked out for me.  This completes my “photos with the ladies of Sex and the City” collection and you know us completest Virgos!  Thanks so much Sarah!  Love you!!!!

You can see my photos with Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon by clicking on their names.  Links will open in a new tab.

An Encounter with Kristin Davis

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Kristin Davis and Geoffrey Dicker

Kristin Davis and Geoffrey Dicker

Actress Kristin Davis is too nice!  She’s starring on Broadway in Gore Vidal’s “the Best Man,” and though there are legions of screaming Sex and the City fans that are dying to catch a glimpse of one of the fab four, Kristin Davis did her best to accommodate her fans and give each of them a little face time.  I wish everyone was this cool!  Thanks Kristen!

An Encounter With Cynthia Nixon

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Cynthia Nixon and Geoffrey Dicker

Cynthia Nixon and G

I love Sex and the City!  I was happy to meet one of its stars, Cynthia Nixon, the other night when I went to see the also brilliant show Arias With A Twist.  Cynthia was with her family so I didn’t profess my love for her portrayal of Miranda, however, my encounter with her was very positive and Cynthia Nixon was extremely nice!  It was cool for me as well because I’ve met the other 3 ladies of ‘Sex’ BC (before cameras) so it’s cool to say, I’ve met 4 of the most famous ladies of New York.  Thanks again Cynthia!

An Encounter with Willie Garson

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Willie Garson and Geoffrey Dicker

Willie Garson and G

The other day as I walked out of my front door, the TV show “White Collar” starring Matt Bomer was being filmed on my street.  After a very brief wait, the shows stars Willie Garson and Matt Bomer were finished filming a scene and were heading back to their trailers. Willie Garson was also in “Sex and the City” playing Carrie Bradshaw’s confidante, Stanford Blatch.  I met both Willie and Matt and they were both extremely nice!  Thanks for a very positive encounter.

Sex and the City by Glen Hanson

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Photos by G.  Art by Glen Hanson.

Sex and the City by Glen Hanson

New Yorkers!  Head on over to Jeffrey on 449 West 14th Street in the Meat Packing District to see artist Glen Hanson’s latest creation: Sex and the City!  The Canadian artist is known for his iconic illustrations of some of the world’s best loved figures such as the Golden Girls and Joan Crawford (just to name a few) and he has designed album covers for Blink 182 as well as directing the really cool video for the Shiny Toy Guns’ “Ghost Town.”  You can see more images of Glen’s amazing work on his official website.

The displays will be up until the first week of June 2010, in honor of the upcoming release of Sex and the City 2 (which is released on May 27).  As if seeing these really cool displays�aren’t enough, while supplies last, you can get your very own collectible postcard featuring Glen’s full image of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda – the ladies of Sex and the City!

See some more images of Glen Hanson’s iconic Sex and the City illustrations after the jump.

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