“Poster Child” by Bruce Pavlow at Shoot The Lobster

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Photos by G.  Art by Bruce Pavlow.

Bruce Pavlow - Poster Child

Bruce Pavlow – Poster Child

The other day on a Chelsea gallery walk, I happened into Shoot the Lobster and I happened upon the genius exhibit “Poster Child” by Bruce Pavlow.  Pavlow has photographed posters of various pop culture subjects and has superimposed stickers over these famous images that completely change the context of the original work.

Bruce Pavlow - Poster Child 3

Bruce Pavlow – Poster Child

For example, taking the image of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album cover, you’ll see the words “Happy,” “Boys will be boys” “Fairy Tale” and so on on the poster thus leaving the viewer to examine the dark side of the singer and double entendre of Pavlow’s work.

Extreme Closeup

Extreme Closeup

These photos do not do justice to how much you will laugh and wince, so head over to Shoot The Lobster, located at 540 W 29th Street before October 12, 2013 to see “Poster Child” by Bruce Pavlow.

Bruce Pavlow - Poster Child 2

Bruce Pavlow – Poster Child

More info can be found by clicking here.

An Encounter with Johnny Rotten

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Photos by G.

Johnny Rotten and Geoffrey Dicker

Johnny Rotten and Geoffrey Dicker

Johnny Fucking Rotten!  The legendary lead singer of Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited (aka PiL) John Lydon (better known as Johnny Rotten) was in town to perform a pair of shows and also to sign copies of PiL’s latest album “This is PiL” at J&R Music World in New York on October 13, 2012.  Johnny was anything but rotten as he graciously spent quality time with everyone in line, was happy to take photos and would sign pretty much anything you wanted – except anything Sex Pistols related.  I of course tried to slide one in and Johnny gave me the “you should know better” look and I told him “it never hurts to try.”  He laughed.  I asked Johnny his secret for longevity and he told me “It’s all in the details.”  Very sound advice, according2g.  Thanks for being so awesome Johnny!

Johnny Rotten signing

Johnny Rotten signing in Blue Sharpie! Hooray!

This is PiL. Out now! Don’t even think of trying to get your Sex Pistols items signed.

Johnny Rotten 83% Svengali

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Photo by G.

Rotten 83 Percent Svengali

Rotten 83 Percent Svengali

Interesting percentage.  I’ve met Johnny Rotten and had very good luck whereas I’ve heard some not so nice stories.

Tie breaker anyone?

Happy 55th Birthday, Johnny Rotten

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Photo and autograph courtesy of G’s massive in person autograph collection.

Johnny Rotten

Johnny Rotten was here!

Happy 55th birthday to Johnny Lydon, who is better known as Johnny Rotten!  Johnny Rotten was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols, a band who rewrote the rules of music! Johnny Rotten is well known for having a temper and I remember when I met him, I was very apprehensive about asking for his autograph.  When someone I treat as a god is not nice to me, it is really hard to ever forget it.  Johnny Rotten was playing a charity cricket match in Los Angeles, and when I approached him, he was extremely nice!  He even drew a pair of boobs inside the “w” in “Johnny Rotten was here.”  I lucked out!  Thanks Johnny!!  Have a great birthday!

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