Video: “Caught Inside” live by Bad Things

Posted by The G on March 3, 2014 under Encounters with G, G Videos | Read the First Comment

Video by G.

On March 2, 2014, New Yorkers braved the threat of a massive snowstorm and skipped watching the Oscars to attend a sold out show from Bad Things at Mercury Lounge.  The California based synth-rock band performed songs from their self titled debut which came out in January of 2014.  Typically when you go to a show, the lead singer gets all the love and attention, but Bad Things has a quite famous bass player and all eyes were on him.  Once the show got going, the crowd rocked out and one of the show highlights was the song “Caught Inside.”  Find out who the famous bass player is after the jump (or just click “play”).  Also, if you missed this show, Bad Things will be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon later on in the week, so check your local listings!

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