Skin Fruit at the New Museum

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Photos by G.

Skin Fruit now at the New Museum through June 6, 2010.

Do not adjust your eyes!  The image above is a live person up on the cross.  Though he only gets up there once a day (at 3 pm, for those curious), he’s just one of the cool things you’ll see at the Skin Fruit: Selections from the Dakis Joannou exhibit at the New Museum in NYC.  The exhibit is curated by Jeff Koons and over 4 floors, you’ll see lots of body parts interpreted into art.  I was unable to shoot pictures of the guy sucking his own dick, a woman who stood in a corridor singing a song called “this is propaganda,” a bunch of penises that whose shadows reflected onto a wall formed the image of a person’s face and a sheet of boobs.  Ack!  The security guards were not very friendly when I tried to take pictures, but when I dropped my name, they looked the other way just for a second.  The exhibit runs through June 6, 2010 and it’s not to be missed.  If you’ve got a closed-mind, open it up and head on down to the New Museum.

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