“What Graffiti Is To New York Street Art Is To Los Angeles”

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Photos by G.  Various Artists.

What Graffiti is to New York

"What Graffiti is to New York Street Art is to Los Angeles." Now showing at Maximilian Gallery at the Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles through June 30, 2011.

Street art is hot right now and Los Angeles is the creative epicenter of a Renaissance period in the movement.  The leading Los Angeles street art site Melrose and Fairfax are currently hosting their first curated exhibit entitled “What Graffiti Is To New York Street Art Is To Los Angeles” and it’s a must see.  The exhibit is located at the Maximillian Gallery inside the Sunset Marquis hotel and some of the hottest names in street art are featured.  You’ll see works from Alec Monopoly, Free Humanity, SmogCity, Bankrupt Slut, Gregory Siff, Homo Riot, 2wenty, Snyder, KH no. 7, Desire Obtain Cherish, Cyrcle & DD$, Bod Bod, DeeKay and Smear.

Homo Riot

Homo Riot

The art you’ll see is fantastic!  I don’t even know where to begin trying to describe all the great works that are on display so let me just say that you must see this exhibit with your own eyes.  When you see an electric guitar (different than the one in the first picture) that is completely covered with itty-bitty handcut stickers from the artist Bankrupt Slut, your mind will be blown (see picture below).  Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing photos of art from all of these incredibly talented artists as I know it will not be possible for all of you to make it to Los Angeles in time to see this exhibit.  Please be patient! 



I was very fortunate enough to attend the opening night reception for “What Graffiti Is To New York Street Art Is To Los Angeles” and it was as epic as the art featured.  Most of the artists were in attendance (as well as a bunch of undercover cops on the prowl to meet their monthly arrest quotas).  To my knowledge, nobody was apprehended, but a lot of the art I saw was certainly arresting!  There was so much love in the room, it was truly an amazing night.  It was extra special for me to finally match faces to the art I’ve featured on this site from my trips to Los Angeles.  Many people in attendance recognized me from this site and I felt so blessed to receive such great feedback from everyone.  Thanks to everyone I talked to.  Massive respect to all!

I Never Said I Was Good, I Just Want To Play by 2wenty

I Never Said I Was Good, I Just Want To Play by 2wenty

Don’t miss this exhibit! 

Gregory Siff

Gregory Siff

“What Graffiti is to New York Street Art is to Los Angeles” is showing at the Maximillian Gallery at the Sunset Marquis Hotel (located at 1200 Alta Loma Road) in Los Angeles.  The exhibit will run until June 30, 2011.

Bankrupt Slut

Bankrupt Slut


Happy Birthday, Smear

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Photo by G.  Art by Smear.



According2g would like to wish a happy birthday to Los Angeles based street artist Smear.  Recently, the artist was featured in a Los Angeles Times cover story and the next day, his house was searched by authorities.  Obviously art supplies were found (after all, he is an artist) and Smear was arrested.  He’s been sentenced and charged with a $23,000 fine for vandalism.

Whispers in the street art community all seem to agree that these charges are the biggest smear campaign of all and suggest much more is going down behind the scenes than the media wants you to believe.   I can also say, as I’ve said many times, that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, talking with  and hanging out with many street artists and in the experiences I’ve had (with some pretty well known names in the community), these people are treated like criminals and if caught can be thrown in the same prison cell as murderers and yet, the people on Wall Street who’ve raped your bank account and do everything they can to keep the masses enslaved to shitty jobs with crappy pay are allowed to roam the streets freely!  According2g, that is really the crime at hand – so don’t be fooled.

Off my soap box now, and back to the issue at hand – Happy birthday Smear!

Smear Needs Your Help!

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Photo courtesy of Smear via Jose’.

Smear Sticker Pack!

Before I go off on a rant about the injustice that street artists, who want to share their gifts with the world for FREE, are being treated as criminals and the true criminals in our governments, corporations and on Wall Street are allowed to roam free, you have an opportunity to help an artist and build your art collection.

Smear is raising money for his defense on a civil law suit brought against him by the City of Los Angeles. This is a good opportunity to purchase his artwork as it can be pretty expensive in the galleries. His pieces go from $400 to $2,500. He put out this random sticker pack and for $13.00 it’s a bargain!  Mention JOSE and it will increase your chances of getting a sketch on paper or more stickers. So on paypal “Review your information,” click on note to seller “add” and write JOSE. Even if you’re not an art or sticker collector this is a good investment because he consistently packs the galleries. In the future you’ll be glad you picked this up!

Free Smear!  You can get your very own sticker pack at the link below.


Smear photographed by G in Los Angeles, December 2010.

Please feel free to repost this article to help Smear out!  This is a Smear-Campaign that I fully endorse!

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