Must Miss Band: Smith Westerns

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Cullen Omori of Smith Westerns.

It pains me to write nasty things about bands because I am of the belief that even if you don’t enjoy the music, you can find something about the band you liked.  This was not the case seeing derivative Chicago rock band Smith Westerns.  On November 1, 2010, Florence and the Machine played an amazing show at New York’s Terminal 5.  Prior to that, Smith Westerns nearly bored the audience to death.  Before I get into talking about their music, let me tell you about the personality of the band.  I met them prior to their set and with the exception of their drummer, they are the most unfriendly band I’ve EVER encountered.  Yes, that’s right.  Let’s not forget that I’ve met bands that have sold out stadiums across the globe and they were more polite than Smith effing Westerns!

As the band was unloading their gear, I asked each member individually for a photo.  The bass player ignored me entirely.  The guitarist told me “not now.”  The drummer just shrugged his shoulders (but later apologized) and the lead singer said “I don’t look good.”  Ironically, he wore the exact same outfit on stage (to perform in front of several thousand people) and looked the same as when I met him.  They went to get more gear from their van and refused me a second time and then a little while later, they took a smoke break and refused me a THIRD time!  I figured, this band is probably the second coming of Jesus to have egos that large, so even though I was extremely annoyed, I was certainly going to listen to their set without prejudice.

Smith Westerns

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