Video: Army of One Makes Art in a Snow Storm

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Video by G.  Art by Army of One.

In Spite of snow-pocalypse 2011, Army of One took to the streets (and in a pin-stripe suit, no less!) to spread his message of love, peace and tolerance and he let me tag along!  Such an inspiration!!!  A million thanks to Army of One for an experience I’ll never forget!  Though the video you are about to see is only 10 seconds long, the messages are clear:  The only army worth joining is the Army of One.  Give Peace A Chance!

“Guns,violence towards our fellow man and war is not the revolution The Army of One preaches.� Our factory is prepared for an assault on the senses every night. �We search the streets for anything we can use for our art, our message, our destiny and our savior. The Army Of One is prepared to face authority and condemnation from the new world order in order to save a child from the streets and ravages of poverty, disease and war.� The Army of One’s images are a metaphor for pain and ignorance to a child’s plight, the innocence lost, on political corruption, religious vagrants and corporate greed.� The Army of One may never end war, poverty nor disease�through our grass roots meanderings and art, but we will bring it to the forefront of American Disgrace.� This is the cause The Army of One�has dedicated�my rebirth to. We who run with the night. We who are given the vision. We are responsible not to lay down with complacency and mediocrity!� We are the new visionaries.

Thank you Diane Arbus for capturing a timely and frightening image, to inspire artists like us to fight for children and try and topple the war machine through our art and creative process. Our path is clear.� Join us!”

– Army of One/jc2

Give Peace A Chance by Army of One

Give Peace A Chance by Army of One

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