“Betting on Us” live by Francis and the Lights

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Video by G.

Unfortunately, this video is pretty dark as Francis and the Lights ironically performed mostly in the dark.  However, he played a new song for the sold out crowd at SOB’s in New York on August 12, 2010 called “Betting on Us,” and unlike other websites who repost videos that are available on numerous sites and call them “premieres,” this site is the real deal.


An Encounter with Francis Farewell Starlite

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Photo taken by a complete stranger.

Francis Farewell Starlite and G

The lead singer of Francis and the Lights has legally changed his name to Francis Farewell Starlite.  According2g, that makes him totally awesome immediately.  It helps that his music is pretty great as well and when you see him live as I did on August 12, 2010, the Prince comparisons make total sense.  The guy dances his butt off on stage and coupled with the amazing band he has backing him, you’ll find yourself making “the funky face” many times as you watch him perform.  I’d read a few articles and they alluded to Francis Farewell Starlite being difficult.  As I walked into the afterparty following his awesome performance, Francis Farewell Starlite was anything but difficult.  In fact he was extremely nice!  He took photos with myself and a few other fans and was very personable.  He also autographed his CD “It’ll be Better” for me.  I couldn’t resist asking him what his favorite Prince song is and without hesitation, he said “Pop Life.”  Good choice!  Best of luck Francis.  See you next week at the MGMT show and hope to see your name in lights for many years to come!

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