2wenty Sticker Packs – Available Now!

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Photo by G.  Art by 2wenty.

2wenty Sticker Packs

2wenty Sticker Packs

There’s no doubt that one of the hottest street artists on the scene is 2wenty. “Facebook – Social Cigarettes” has been seen not only on the streets of Los Angeles, but on the pages of Forbes and in art galleries.  Now you can get your very own sticker pack from 2wenty featuring the iconic “Social Cigarettes” imagery, encased in a Facebook cigarette pack!  Head over to The Site Unscene’s Store today to own a piece of street art history.  You know you crave it!

20 Questions with 2wenty

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 Photos courtesy of 2wenty.

Facebook Social Cigarettes. Because You Crave It. By 2wenty.

Los Angeles based artist 2wenty is having quite a year.  His “Facebook Social Cigarettes” street art went viral in early 2011 and he has been catapulted onto the world stage as one of the hottest street artists on the scene!  Aside from his art, not much is known about the reclusive artist – until now!  Thanks to the magic of Facebook, 2wenty and I played a real life version of 20 questions!

Lohan by 2wenty

Lindsay Lohan by 2wenty

 According2g: Where did the name 2wenty come from?

 2wenty: When I was 20 years old,  I use to ride street bikes with these older guys and they started calling me 20. It’s the only nickname I’ve ever had that wasn’t a spin off of my own name. I figured society sees people as numbers anyhow, so I’m picking my own.

A2G: How long have you been doing street art?

2wenty: I started right before 2011. Pretty crazy considering what has happened thus far. I have been dubbed “the golden child of LA street art” by a lot of people.

Gandhi by 2Wenty

Gandhi by 2wenty

A2G: Who are your heroes / influences?

2wenty: I like what a lot of artists are doing but the only artist I’ve really looked up to has been LA’s Dog Byte. He is one of the few artists that was doing what I wanted to do in the terms of how he was choosing his spots, and I liked that he would only put out one-off stencils instead of slamming the street with the same thing over and over again. Not to mention he is a super nice guy and he really cares about the scene.  I’ve started paying close attention to C215’s work.  His stencil work is some of the best around.  I don’t really have any specific influences other than looking at street art which I’m sure has some subconscious effect. I even try to guard myself sometimes because I want to develop my own style.

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Happy Birthday, 2Wenty

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Photo by G.  Art by 2wenty and Subtle, respectively.

2wenty (top), Subtle (bottom)

2wenty (top), Subtle (bottom)

Happy birthday to artist 2wenty who celebrates his birthday on the holiest of days – 420!  2wenty is an amazing Los Angeles based artist who is the talk of the streets after his “Facebook Social Cigarettes” street art was written up from LAist to Forbes Magazine!  His art has been spotted across the country and I’m sure 365 days from now, 2wenty will have a lot more great news to celebrate.  Congratulations and hope you have a wonderful birthday.

2Wenty Takes Manhattan

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Photo by G.  Art by 2wenty.

2wenty in New York

Facebook Social Cigarettes by 2wenty in New York

Los Angeles based artist 2wenty has had the most amazing week.  2wenty’s Facebook Social Cigarettes posters caught the attention of Forbes, Gawker, Media Bistro and LAist and the image went viral. Stickers have been popping up all over the world and yesterday, I spotted the insanely genius image in Central Park.

Facebook Social Cigarettes by 2wenty

One thing is certain.  I am addicted to this image!

Score! Facebook – The Social Cigarette

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Photo by G. Art by 2wenty.

Facebook - Social Cigarettes.

I was recently hooked up with something so cool, I had to share it!  Artist 2wenty’s genius “Facebook – Social Cigarettes” pack.  This is some of the most genius social commentary I’ve seen in years and you know I get around, so I’d like to think I know what I am talking about.  Thanks again, not only for the brilliance, but for giving me something to smile about, long after my status update no longer reflects what I am doing.  Much obliged!

Don’t lie, you know you crave it even when you know how bad it is for you.  We all crave it.  There’s no patch or nicotine flavored gum for this addiction, but there is an on/off switch.

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