Los Angeles – Save The Date: Alec Monopoly Solo Show at Lab Art

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Photo courtesy of Lab Art.

Alec Exhibit at Lab Art

Alec Monopoly Exhibit at Lab Art.  Opens March 14, 2013

Los Angeles!

Get ready for a very special night!  Alec Monopoly’s first solo show in Los Angeles will be opening at Lab Art on March 14, 2013.  Alec’s had shows all over the world including “Alec Pass Go,” his first show in New York and you know that he will do it up right for his LA solo debut.  Coupled with the fact that Lab Art is one of the coolest galleries in the United States, this is going to be a night you will not want to miss.  There’s a good chance you’ll see me at the opening, so make sure you give me some Los Angeles love!

RSVP to info@labartgallery.com and save this date:

March 14, 2013 from 7 – 10 pm.

Lab Art is located at 217 South La Brea in Los Angeles.

I’m refraining from all Monopoly related puns in this space (you’re welcome), so just make sure you attend!  🙂


Review: Christopher Owens debuts “Lysandre” at Bowery Ballroom

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Photos by G.

Christopher Owens

Christopher Owens

Wearing a suit for the occasion, Christopher Owens (formerly of Girls), premiered his debut solo album “Lysandre” at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on January 21, 2013.  His 7 piece band includes a flutist and it gives his songs a medieval vibe to them.  Beginning with the instrumental “Lysandre’s Theme,” Christopher Owens said very little to the audience (aside from an occasional “thank you” after songs) and let the music speak for itself.

Christopher Owens and his band

Christopher Owens and his band

The songs on “Lysandre” are all quite short and like you’d hear on a Girls album, some songs are quite slow, but there are also a few upbeat rockers and the theme of heartbreak is featured prominently.  Songs like “Love is in the Ear of the Listener” sounded like it could fit in on an episode of Sesame Street and there were several love songs featuring New York as their locale.  “Lysander’s Theme” (on flute) was featured towards the end of many of the songs and it gave the set a nice cohesive feel to it.

Christopher Owens

Christopher Owens

Christopher Owens also covered “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel and it fit in perfectly with the rest of the songs.  If you missed Christopher Owens’ last night at Bowery Ballroom, you are in luck – he’s also playing tonight (January 22, 2013) and if you are willing to brave the 10 degree weather, you will see a great show.


“Archaic Ornaments” by Beau Stanton at Bold Hype Gallery

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Photos by G.  Art by Beau Stanton.

"The Reclamation" by Beau Stanton

New York!  Head over to Bold Hype Gallery in Chelsea to see a really cool exhibit of new works by Beau Stanton called “Archaic Ornaments.”  Beau Stanton, a protegé of Street Art god Ron English, mixes oil painting and screen printing in his solo show and the results are fantastic.

Partial Gallery View

Around 20 works are on display at the gallery and the detail and precision of the works are very impressive.  The works are visual alchemy that could only be created from the mind of Beau Stanton.  You can read an interview that Beau did with Juxtapoz Magazine where he talks about the exhibit here.

Deus Ex Machina by Beau Stanton

Don’t miss “Archaic Ornaments” by Beau Stanton which is showing at Bold Hype Gallery in New York (located at 547 West 27th Street, 5th Floor) though May 5, 2012.

Video: “The ‘I’ In Lie” (Live) by Patrick Stump

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HD Video by G.

Last night Fall Out Boy front man Patrick Stump played a very sold out solo show at New York’s Studio at Webster Hall on November 16, 2011.  I would like to point out that the security at the door practically molested my friend and I on the way in – and laughed about it when I straight up told the security guard that I felt violated just to enter a freakin’ concert (which was unnecessary, uncool and if the legal system in this country wasn’t so ridiculous, I’d press charges!), so BEWARE when setting foot inside that venue.

In other news, here’s “The ‘I’ in Lie” live by Patrick Stump!

I met Patrick after the show and he was extremely cool.  You can see a photo from that moment after the jump.

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Photos from Desire Obtain Cherish at Lab Art in LA

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Photos courtesy of DOC.

Desire Obtain Cherish -  'Watch Your Dubstep' street sign

Desire Obtain Cherish - 'Watch Your Dubstep' street sign on display at Lab Art in Los Angeles through September 14, 2011

Los Angeles.  If you want to see some amazing works of art that fit the times we are living in so perfectly – head over to Lab Art in Los Angeles immediately!  In addition to all the great art in the gallery, Desire Obtain Cherish’s first solo show is on display until September 14, 2011.  When I saw these pictures, I fell in love and you will too.  For my non-Angelinos, here’s a few photos.  For those out there on the left coast, don’t be foolish and miss out on seeing these works with your own eyes!  Desire Obtain Cherish, Marilyn Monroe, 3000 pills.  Enough said.

Desire Obtain Cherish 'The Investor', spraypaint, mixed media on printed canvas, framed, 40_h x 30_w

Desire Obtain Cherish 'The Investor', spraypaint, mixed media on printed canvas

There’s a couple more photos after the jump but you are only allowed to look if you live outside the LA area.  If you are in the LA area go to Lab Art at 217 S. La Brea now!  No matter what city you live in, check out some behind the scenes footage of Desire Obtain Cherish getting ready to blow your mind.

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