Video: “Something I’m Not” live by Penguin Prison

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HD Video by G.

Penguin Prison rules!  Every song they have is danceable, catchy and will make you want to play it over and over again.  I didn’t think there could be any more ways to tell you how much I love Penguin Prison, but I was wrong.  Here it is in a bunch of different languages!

Afrikaans: ek is lief vir die pikkewyn die tronk

Arabic: أحب البطريق السجن

Chinese: 我爱企鹅监狱

Czech: Miluju tučňáka vězení

Danish: Jeg elsker pingvin fængsel

Dutch: ik hou van pinguïn gevangenis

French: i love prison pingouin

German: ich liebe Pinguin Gefängnis

Greek: Λατρεύω πιγκουίνος φυλακή

Hebrew: אני אוהב את הכלא פינגווין

Icelandic: ég elska Penguin fangelsi

Italian: amo carcere pinguino

Japanese: 私はペンギンの刑務所を愛して

Korean: 난 펭귄 감옥을 사랑

Latin: i amor Imperio carcere

Portuguese: eu amo prisão pinguim

Russian: Я люблю пингвинов тюрьмы

Spanish: me encanta la cárcel de pingüinos

Thai: ฉันรักคุกเพนกวิน

Vietnamese: i yêu chim cánh cụt tù

If you’re still with me, check out the amazing Penguin Prison performing “Something I’m Not” live at Bowery Ballroom on March 28, 2012.


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