Mr. Hin

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Photo by G.  Art by Mr. Hin.

Hin in Shoreditch

Mr. Hin in Shoreditch

Love to see Spidey spraying himself with Raid!  Good one!

Corporate Street Art – The G Opinion

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Photo by G.

Red Widow

Red Widow - Ads for Spiderman

Here’s one to chew on:  If God forbid you’re an artist and you put up graffiti or wheat paste on a public wall and get caught, get ready to have the book thrown at you.  You can expect to be treated like a criminal and it might even ruin your life.

I’ve been seeing these red widow spiders on many walls throughout New York and they look quite cool.  Knowing the process of what is involved in putting up art in public on the sly, you gotta give these gigantic pieces respect.

Then, I discovered that there is no art involved and in fact, these are teasers for the new Spiderman movie that is scheduled for release in 2012!  What a double standard!  You can even see the spiders are painted over a wall that formerly housed legitimate street art (a popular spot for Hanksy’s work, just to name one artist who puts up work here).

I am assuming the movie studio offered the city a chunk of money to put up “legit street art,” and the city has bent over to take it while seeing huge dollar signs.  RIDICULOUS!

Corporate Street Art is a crime!  There’s nothing artsy about a boardroom full of slightly creative people going through an approval process and then bribing the city so they can show off their advertising.   Are these people going to be arrested?  I don’t think so.  They might snow the masses, but we all know better.

Don’t be fooled!

Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark Soundtrack – Out Today!

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Photo by G.

Rise Above 1

Rise Above 1 by Reeve Carney feautring Bono and The Edge

Say what you will about Spider-Man on Broadway, Reeve Carney is a star.  The man is criminally good looking and is so talented!  When he’s not on performing on Broadway, he’s in a band called Carney and they are great live!  His new song “Rise Above 1” from Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark features Bono and The Edge from U2.  The soundtrack is out today.  Find out more on the official Spiderman on Broadway site.

Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark

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Spider-man - Music and lyrics by Bono and the Edge.  Photo by G.
Spider-man – Music and lyrics by Bono and the Edge. Photo by G.

Coming February 25, 2010 – Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark arrives on Broadway.  Above is a first look at the poster.  The show will be directed by Julie Taymor and will feature music and lyrics by Bono and The Edge from U2.  To find out more, click here.  Do you think the show will live up to all the hype?

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