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Not sure if all of this propaganda is true, but one thing that is true is that Starbucks has ruined coffee!  It’s expensive sludge!  It’s single-handedly killed off mom-and-pop coffee houses that are filled with character and vibe.  In their places, one of the most unoriginal, uncreative and frankly – insulting places is there instead.  If I need 8 packets of sugar to make the coffee taste drinkable, I will develop all kinds of health problems.  If I am going to buy a bagel, I want it toasted!  How can they not have a toaster!? On top of it, they are charging astronomical prices for this shit, when you can go 5 feet away and get a better product for much cheaper.  We live in a great depression and people are paying upwards of $3.00 for a coffee?!  DON’T ENABLE THEM!  BOYCOTT THAT SHIT!

Good Fuckin’ Morning Los Angeles

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Good Fuckin Morning Los Angeles

This is my last day of vacation.  🙁 

I’d like to thank everyone for making the last few days extra special.  You are all angels in the city of angels.  I’ve got lots and lots and lots of great photos of street art from LA coming soon, so please be patient.

And on a side note, I think we’ve figured out the Starbucks mystery and why their coffee tastes so bad – it’s made with Krylon Paint!

Good fuckin’ morning Los Angeles (and see you again really soon)!


New Starbucks Logo?

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Fuck Your Crew

Fuck Your Crew

Starbucks may have a new logo, but their coffee is still shitty and overpriced, according2g.

I also want to go on record and say they blew a huge opportunity to tell their customers what they really think of them.  I thank the artists of the above image for saying it for them.

Street Art Speaks For The Masses

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Photo by G.  Artist unknown.

Starbucks - Masters of Evil.

I am not sure if I agree that Starbucks are masters of evil (since they apparently offer generous benefits to their slaves employees), but I can say this – they make really terrible coffee and overcharge the masses for that drudge just so people can walk around with a trendy cup and advertise said gross coffee.

Starbucks Sucks

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Starbucks Sucks.

Couldn’t have said it any better.

I’ll never forget being in Spain one time and I asked one of the natives what she thought of Starbucks and she replied.

“They put dessert on top of their coffee.  And then they give it to you in a take away cup.”

Weigh in and voice your opinion, do you like Starbucks?  In this case, silence does not mean acceptance.

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