“Status Factory” by Ron English in Orange County

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Photos by G. Art by Ron English.

Ron English's "Status Factory." Now showing in Orange County, California thru December 17, 2010

Southern California!  I’ve just arrived in the golden state and I immediately made it to see “Status Factory” by Ron English.  A different version of this exhibit was in New York earlier this year and it was definitely one of my favorite exhibits of 2010.  Ron English is a master of all styles.  His works are both technical and humorous and of course, without him, street art would not exist in the way it does today!  What I am trying to say is that Ron English is a living god, and you must go see “Status Factory” before it closes on December 17, 2010.  There are over 100 works of art in this exhibit and you’ll see every style from Dali to Disney!  If you saw this exhibit in New York, there are many differences including the way the exhibit is laid out as well as several works that were not featured. The NY version of “Status Factory” was much more comprehensive, but this is still a must-see exhibit!

“Status Factory” by Ron English is located at the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavillion at 2701 Fairview Road in Costa Mesa, California.  Do not miss this!

Status Factory by Ron English

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Photos by G.  Art by Ron English.

Status Factory by Ron English now showing at the Opera Gallery in New York through October 29, 2010

New Yorkers.  Run, don’t walk to check out one of the coolest exhibitions you’ll ever see!  Pop artist Ron English has an amazing exhibit at the Opera Gallery (located in an awesome pop-up space) on 382 West Broadway in New York.  If you’ve never seen the documentary Popaganda about Ron English’s life, it’s highly recommended but not required if you know nothing about him prior to seeing this exhibit.  After you visit the Opera Gallery and see all the wonderful works by this tremendously gifted artist, if you haven’t seen the film (which is being screened in the basement of the exhibit), you’ll definitely add it to the top of your list upon exiting the gallery.  As you can see from these images (which are just a few of the hundreds of works on display), English takes jabs at the gluttonous pop culture generation that we live in in the same vein as Banksy.  The major difference is that Ron English was around 25+ years before Banksy and I think we should all take a few moments to bow down to his greatness.

See some more images of Ron English’s work from this not-to-be-missed exhibition, after the jump.

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