An Encounter with Stephen Colbert

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Stephen Colbert and Geoffrey Dicker

Stephen Colbert and Geoffrey Dicker

Since I happened to be in the neighborhood… After meeting rapper Nas following an appearance on the Colbert Report, I thought I’d stick around to meet the man himself – Stephen Colbert.  I think his social and political commentary is both hilarious and spot on and I am thankful that people such as Colbert are not only raising their voices, but also that the masses are starting to take note.  As Colbert was heading out for the night, a small mob scene of fans and autograph collectors were waiting by his car and Stephen Colbert, in classic Colbert-mode, told all the fans, “I’ll sign one for each of you.  Don’t be greedy.”  And he did!  When I asked for a photo, he said “do what you need to do” and he posed with me.  It was really great to see Colbert in action.  Thanks Stephen for being so cool and for also using your voice!  You are a huge inspiration to me!

An Encounter with Nas

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Nas and Geoffrey Dicker

Nas and Geoffrey Dicker

Rapper Nas’ latest album “Life is Good” came out on July 17, 2012 and he celebrated the release by stopping by The Colbert Report in NYC.  Surrounded by a horde of fans, Nas did his best to accommodate his fans by signing autographs as he left the building.  Shockingly, in the mob scene, I was the only person that had his new album (which features a duet with Amy Winehouse!)  As he signed autographs, people were literally just pushing shit in his face.  I tried asking for a picture several times, but it was just too mobbed.  One of his friends saw that I was not aggressively trying to get the photo and right before Nas left the property, his friend said to Nas “is it ok if this guy (me) approaches the car for a photo?”  Nas agreed and the results are above.  I love when stuff like that happens!  It doesn’t always pay to be an aggressive asshole in these kind of situations and this is proof.  That’s your lesson of the day, according2g.  And thanks Nas for being so cool!

Colbert’s Stephensed Manhattan Clam Chowder in Blue

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Colbert's Stephensed Manhattan Clam Chowder (Blue)

Colbert's Stephensed Manhattan Clam Chowder in Blue

This is what it looks like in red.

An Encounter with Jack White

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Jack White and Geoffrey Dicker

Jack White and G

This is the photo I never thought would ever be taken!  Jack White (formerly of The White Stripes) has produced a song for political satirist Stephen Colbert.  In a pop-up show situation, it was announced at the last moment that Stephen Colbert and the Black Belles along with Jack White would be performing the single “Charlene (I’m Over You).”  I couldn’t pass up a chance to see both geniuses in one location.  I approached the event with much trepidation; however, as I had a very bad experience meeting Jack White earlier this year that goes down in G history as one of my worst rock star encounters.  It was especially crushing for me because Jack is amazingly talented and I love his music so much.  As promised, Colbert and Jack White sang The Star Spangled Banner (click here to see a crystal clear video I shot) as well as “Charlene” and then they announced that Jack White and Stephen Colbert would be signing copies of the “Charlene” vinyl that was being sold at the Third Man Records truck parked at the venue.  There was no way I was going to miss this!  As I got my vinyl signed by Jack White, I asked for a photo and he happily obliged.  I didn’t bother telling him how our previous encounter scarred my life because I am all about turning the page.  Thanks again Jack!


Video: Jack White and Stephen Colbert sing The National Anthem

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HD Video by G.

I’ll bet you never thought you’ve ever see the following video!  Jack White and Stephen Colbert sang The Star Spangled Banner on June 24, 2011 at the Highline park in New York to promote Stephen Colbert’s new single (yes, that’s right) with The Black Belles entitled “Charlene (I’m Over You).”  If there’s enough interest, I can post that video too.  Leave comments if you’d like to see it.  Also, bookmark and check back daily because I do a lot of interesting things and I love to share them with you!  In the video, please excuse the VERY rude press people who think that a press badge gives them the right to be completely clueless that other people exist on the planet.  How American!


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