It’s Jerk Day!

Posted by The G on August 14, 2011 under Celebrities | Comments are off for this article

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Steve Martin

Steve Martin

Whenever I complain about a celebrity being a jerk, I always get a lot of flack from people that don’t know me.  I am often told “maybe it’s just you,” etc.  I say this every time – In my life, I’ve met and encountered thousands of famous people and my success ratio is 99 to 1.  It’s NOT me, but thanks for trying.  I absolutely know how to handle myself in these situations and if I am not able to convince you otherwise by these words, to be perfectly honest – I couldn’t care less.  I am not trying to prove anything to anyone.  I happen to have an extraordinary amount of interesting experiences and I am sharing them with you.

Onto today’s birthday people.  I can’t believe how many jerks were born today!  As I’ve said above, my “success rate” is pretty high and on August 14, 4 of the biggest jerks I’ve encountered were all brought into this planet today.  Basketball player Magic Johnson (who in my opinion – and from meeting him dozens of times) is one of the biggest phonies I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting.  If cameras are rolling, he’s the sweetest guy around and if you are one on one with him, he won’t even respond to you!  Actress Halle Berry was also born today.  I’ve met worse, but she’s certainly not friendly – gorgeous as all hell, but not particularly nice to fans.  Musician David Crosby from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  He’s been such a jerk that I can’t even listen to CSN’s music because when I think of him, my stomach turns.  That leaves us with Steve Martin.  The experiences I’ve had with him are just frankly irritating.  He hands you a not funny business card (see above) to prove you’ve met him.  I’ve always been disappointed to see Steve Martin in person because I think on screen he is so funny, but I have a stack of my “I’ve met Steve Martin” business cards and they never once bring a smile to my face.

Lighten up celebrities.  People wanting your autograph comes with the territory.  Shouldn’t you be thanking your lucky stars that anyone even cares?


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