“Beware of Hipsters” T-Shirts by Cali Killa – Out Now!

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Photo courtesy of Cali Killa.

Cali Killa - Beware of Hipsters

Cali Killa - Beware of Hipsters T-Shirts. Now Available.

I love it when good triumphs over evil.  Recently, I reported that street artist Cali Killa’s iconic “Beware of Hipsters” image was stolen by Urban Outfitters.  UO tried to sell these shirts without Cali Killa’s permission and worst of all, without giving him a cent for the use of his art.  Because my readers kick so much ass, within 48 hours of posting the story, word traveled across the internet and many other websites wrote about this theft as well.  Urban Outfitters removed the shirt and now Cali Killa is free to use sell his own art.  That brings us to today.

Cali Killa’s “Beware of Hipsters” T-Shirts are out now!

The shirts are limited to 30 produced, so get yours today before it’s too late!

Support the artist, not the corporation – and beware of hipsters!

Felix T-Shirts – Available Now!

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Photos by G. Art by Felix.

Felix T-Shirts. Available Now!

I love wearable art!  Mixing the worlds of art and fashion seamlessly, artist Felix has launched his latest creative endeavor – T-shirts.  This line of shirts are 100% unique as the colors and designs are hand selected and made by Felix himself!  The shirts come with a collectible tag, hand painted by Felix and no two shirts are the same!  These great shirts can be yours for $25!  For a limited time, if you mention that you were referred by According2g, Felix will include shipping (for US orders only).  You can’t beat this offer.  Ladies, Felix also has women’s tank tops and they are hot!

Felix Shirt, side view

Felix can be reached at felix@felixstreetart.com. Don’t forget to tell him G sent you!

Army of One says, “Wear The Revolution!”

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Photo by G.  Art by Army Of One.

Grenade Boy by Army Of One

Army of One’s images have been seen on streets across the globe.  Army of One’s message (which you can see below) of love, peace, tolerance and understanding is so important and inspirational, I always say, it’s the only army worth joining.  Now, you can wear the revolution!  Army of One T-shirts are now available from PerfXtion.

Click here to get your Army of One T-shirt now!!!  (The model number is X1003)

As mentioned above, here’s Army of One’s manifesto:

Guns,violence towards our fellow man and war is not the revolution The Army of One preaches.  Our factory is prepared for an assault on the senses every night.  We search the streets for anything we can use for our art, our message, our destiny and our savior. The Army Of One is prepared to face authority and condemnation from the new world order in order to save a child from the streets and ravages of poverty, disease and war.  The Army of One’s images are a metaphor for pain and ignorance to a child’s plight, the innocence lost, on political corruption, religious vagrants and corporate greed.  The Army of One may never end war, poverty nor disease through our grass roots meanderings and art, but we will bring it to the forefront of American Disgrace.  This is the cause The Army of One has dedicated my rebirth to. We who run with the night. We who are given the vision. We are responsible not to lay down with complacency and mediocrity!  We are the new visionaries.

Thank you Diane Arbus for capturing a timely and frightening image, to inspire artists like us to fight for children and try and topple the war machine through our art and creative process. Our path is clear.  Join us!

– Army of One/jc2

Army Of One T-Shirt

Army Of One T-Shirt - Wear The Revolution

Ron English T-Shirts at Bold Hype

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Photos by G.  Art by Ron English.

English by Bold Hype

If you’re a Ron English fan, today is your lucky day!  He’s designed a series of limited edition T-shirts in association with the Bold Hype Gallery in New York.  The shirts are super awesome and they are retailing for $35 each.  They are going to be worth way more than the current selling price once they are sold out, so waste no time and snatch these up while you can.  The Bold Hype Gallery is located at 547 West 27th Street #510 in New York.

This cool limited edition shirt can be yours for $35!!

Beau Shirts Now Available!

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Photos by G.  Art by Beau.

Beau T-shirts. Now available at Prohibit NYC!

If you are a faithful reader of this blog, you know that I love the work of the mysterious artist Beau.  His works can be seen all over New York, but only for a limited time.  Those are the rules of the game when it comes to street art. Due to popular demand, Beau has created lasting pieces by featuring his wonderful art on T-shirts and they are now for sale in either black or white at Prohibit NYC!  Prohibit NYC is located at 152 Allen Street in New York and they have all kinds of great stuff there.  Whether you are looking for gifts for others or if you want to add something fabulous to your wardrobe, take a spin through Prohibit NYC.

Back of the shirt (in White)

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