“In Your Face” by Fumero

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Photos by G.  Art by Fumero.

In Your Face by Fumero. Now showing at 17 Frost in Brooklyn through September 10, 2011

Although I’ve written about street artist Fumero many times before, it wasn’t until I attended his latest solo show “In Your Face” where I realized what Fumeroism is all about.  The show, which takes place at 17 Frost Gallery in Brooklyn builds on his iconic “Table Series Logo” that is seen all over NYC and beyond.  This time, instead of faceless people sittting around the dinner table, the faces are alive with the vivid colors Fumero uses. As you peruse the gallery, you’ll reaffirm your definition of what family means.

In Your Face

In Your Face

In addition to the familes (that are on enormous canvases), there’s an icons section that features Fumero’s colorful vision of people from Slick Rick to Gandhi to Marilyn Monroe.  One of my favorites was Al Pacino (pictured below).

Al Pacino by Fumero

The opening night reception was a rager and the closing night reception on 09/10/11 promises to be the same.  The closing party will take place during the day, so don’t miss it.  17 Frost Gallery is located at 17 Frost in Brooklyn.

The Table Series Logo by Fumero in LA

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Photo by G.  Art by Fumero.

The Table Series Logo by Fumero

I love seeing my New York peeps getting up in LA!  This one is the infamous Table Series Logo by Fumero. Totally worth stopping in a rainstorm to get a photo, according2g.

T-Shirt of the Day: Fumeroism

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Photo by G.  Art by Fumeroism.

Frakie Velez wearing Fumeroism T-Shirt

Frankie Velez wearing Fumeroism T-Shirt

My good fortune had me run into legendary art curator Frankie Velez at an art opening last night in Manhattan.  We were catching up on the art scene when I noticed his extremely awesome Fumeroism T-shirt!  I had no choice but to ask for a photo so I could show you the must have shirt for 2011.  Where can you get this shirt you ask?  Fumeroism’s official site.  You can also connect with him on Twitter @fumeroism.

New Fumero!

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Photo by G.  Art by Fumero.

See this new Fumero while it’s fresh!

An Encounter with artist Fumero

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Photo taken with my hand.

Fumero and G

I’ve been a fan of artist Fumero’s work for longer than I had initially realized.  I’d seen his “Table Series Logo” all over the streets of Manhattan for well over a year before I knew the name of the artist.  In the world of street art, matching art and artists is not as easy as a Google search sometimes.  Several months ago, I happened upon one of his works in an exhibit and finally learned his name.  Of course at that moment, I decided that I must meet him.  As my great fortune would have it, I met Fumero at the launch of “Trespass,” an enclyopedia of Urban Art.  He was extremely cool, but like another favorite of mine, Elbow Toe, he asked if I would cover his face for this story.  The image over his face is his infamous “Table Series Logo.”  During our brief chat, he told me that he’s got a lot of exciting projects in the works including a new website.  As soon as more details are available, we’ll let you know.  Thanks again Fumero for being a cool guy and for making cool art!  I’ve said this a lot and I’ll say it again – it baffles me that street artists are looked upon with scorn by city officials and real criminals such as those on Wall Street are allowed to roam the streets freely.

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