Review: Owl live at Bowery Electric

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Owl (from left to right:  Chris Wyse, Dan Dinsmore, Jason Achilles Mezilis)

Owl (from left to right: Chris Wyse, Dan Dinsmore, Jason Achilles Mezilis)

California based rockers Owl came to New York last night and played the Bowery Electric on May 19, 2013.  Moments before the show started, technical problems at the venue threatened the gig, but luckily the Bowery Electric was able to pull it together in time so that Owl could end our weekends on a rockin’ note.  If you are unfamiliar with Owl’s music, you’d not leave one of their gigs disappointed if you like The Cult (of which lead singer Chris Wyse works with them) or Alice in Chains.  One of the highlights of their hour long set was the interaction between lead singer Chris Wyse and guitarist Jason Achilles Mezilis.  During many songs, Wyse and Mezilis traded guitar and bass licks back and forth and the non-verbal conversation went over really well with the packed house at Bowery Electric.



You can stream Owl’s latest album “The Right Thing” on their official website.  The link will open in a new window.  Thanks Owl for a great night.  I had a hoot!  (OK, that was a bad pun even for me).

“Car Radio” live by Spoon at Cake Shop

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Spoon!  Cake Shop.  Secret show.  Amazing!  All the details.

As mentioned earlier, the final song was “Car Radio.”  It looked and sounded just like this…

Kick it!

Spoon live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Britt Daniel of Spoon

What a day!  I saw Spoon perform in the afternoon and then again later on in the evening.  I could get used to this!  Their second performance of the day was the 3rd anniversary of the Music Hall of Williamsburg and as expected, the show was sold out.  The performance took place on September 13, 2010 and after a great opening set by Brooklyn’s Sean Bones (more to come, stay tuned), Spoon hit the stage around 9:30 pm.  The played a nice selection of tracks from their catalog and played a Jay Reatard and Wolf Parade cover as well.

Who makes your money?

This was my 3rd time seeing Spoon in the last month and I have liked each performance more and more.  For the second time today (sorry, but I love saying that), I got to see them perform “Who Makes Your Money” and I captured it on video, so stay tuned.  I met some really cool people in the crowd including the creator of the cool site Hippies are Dead, who also took some videos of this awesome show.  The band was called back for two encores (the first consisting of 3 songs, the second consisting of two) and during the final number, lead singer Britt Daniel saw my face in the crowd and gave me a nod.  You should have seen my face light up at that moment.  I’d like to thank Spoon for another amazing show and for a really great night.  They are on my permanent list of bands to see every time they come around.

See more pictures of Spoon as well as the set list after the jump.

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Spoon Live at Cake Shop

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Britt Daniel of Spoon

On September 13, 2010, I attended my first of 2 shows by Spoon.  The band was shooting a video for their song “Nobody Gets Me But You” and to celebrate, they performed a 9 song set at New York’s Cake Shop.  When I arrived, I got there at the same time as lead singer Britt Daniel who recognized me from our encounter at the airport the other day!  That made my day and Britt signed 3 Spoon albums for me as well, so that was extra cool.  The show began just after 1 pm, and the band started and ended with “Nobody Gets Me But You.”  The highlight for me was seeing “Who Makes Your Money” as that is my favorite song off their wonderful latest album “Transference.”  As a bonus, the band busted out “Car Radio” from their archives and the die hards loved it! I took a video of that song and it will be posted as soon as I get a chance, so please be patient.  It’s in perfect quality and I was standing inches from lead singer Britt Daniel, so the video quality is fantastic.  Thanks again Britt for rockin, signing my stuff, and giving me the hand written set list once the show was over!  See you later tonight!

The set list for Spoon live at Cake Shop on September 13, 2010. Now property of the G Archives.

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