Happy Birthday, Mick Jones

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Mick Jones

Mick Jones

Happy birthday to Mick Jones of The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite and Carbon/Silicon.  I met Mick earlier this year and I have to say, he was one of the coolest rockers I’ve ever met!  He is truly thankful for the success he’s enjoyed and it’s a huge inspiration to me!  I wish a lot of C-list rockers would take a lesson from a legend in how to treat fans.  Have a great day Mick!

Also celebrating a birthday is Terri Nunn of Berlin!  That takes my breath away.

An Encounter with Mick Jones

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Mick Jones and Geoffrey Dicker

Mick Jones and G

Mick ffffing Jones!  The man is a legend.  Performing as a member of The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite and Carbon/Silicon, he is one of my personal gods.  Mick was in town to play with the recently reunited group Big Audio Dynamite and the show was spectacular! You can read a review and see the set list here.  My great fortune saw me getting invited to an exclusive after-party thrown by Sony and it was beyond epic.  We were treated to a meet and greet with everyone from Big Audio Dynamite (photos of those encounters are coming soon, so please stay tuned).  When I was introduced to Mick Jones, I don’t think it’s possible that he could have been nicer.  As you all know from reading the site, I’ve met my share of legends from all walks of life and I have to say, Mick Jones ranks towards the top of the list in terms of being an all around cool person.  A legend with his accomplishments was absolutely thankful to each and every fan he met last night and I am so grateful for being able to have this experience.  Mick cracked a big smile as he signed my Carbon/Silicon CD and after I told him I saw that show several years ago, he thanked me for going!  I’m speechless!  All I can say, a million times, is thank you so much to Mick Jones for all the great music – past, present and future and for being one of the coolest guys on the planet (both in accomplishments and in personality).  Special thanks to Sony for throwing one of the best parties I’ve ever been to!  This is a night I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

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