The Dangerous Book Four Boys by James Franco.

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Photos by G.  Art by James Franco.

The Dangerous Book Four Boys by James Franco now showing at the Clocktower Gallery in New York.

After meeting James Franco last night prior to his first ever art exhibition opening, I was extra excited to see “The Dangerous Book Four Boys,” at the Clocktower Gallery in New York.  James Franco has mastered so many disciplines and now it looks like he can add art to his ever growing list.  The exhibit has 16 areas of sculpture, pictures, performances and video.

Installation view

The exhibit, based on the wildly popular book The Dangerous Book For Boys, deals with sexual confusion and is quite an interesting hodge-podge of mediums.  There is a wooden house as you can see above and inside that is a projection of someone burning it down.

Projection inside the house.

There was another room with a video, narrated by James Franco, of a version of Star Trek where Spock and Captain Kirk get it on.  Well, almost.  Spock can’t get an erection and instead ejacualtes through his fingertips.  Luckily we are spared from seeing that horrifying image that would be enough to turn any kid straight.  Ha!

Franco's vision of Gay Star Trek.

Continue reading this story to see a picture of the artist with a penis on his face!  (Yes, you read that right).

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