Happy 70th Birthday, Muhammad Ali

Posted by The G on January 17, 2011 under Celebrities | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.  Autograph by Muhammad Ali. Photo of the autographed photo by G.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

The Greatest, Muhammad Ali turns 70 today. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet the legendary boxer many times and he truly is the greatest!  He’s always nice!  Muhammad Ali has battled Parkinson’s Disease since 1984 and in spite of the illness, he has always taken the time to shake hands with fans and if he’s not too mobbed, he will chat with you and sign autographs.  Such a class act!  I hope he has a great birthday and I’d like to thank Muhammad Ali for not only setting the bar for every excellent sports aspiration but for also proving without a doubt that nice guys finish first.  Happy birthday!

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