The Land Surveyors by Christian Faur

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Photos by G.  Art by Christian Faur.

The Land Surveyors by Christian Faur at the Kim Foster Gallery in NYC. Through July 17, 2010.

The Land Surveyors by Christian Faur is an exhibit unlike any other!  Christian Faur has used over 20,000 crayons in these mind-blowing works. Taking its title from Franz Kafka’s novel The Castle, Faur used anonymous photographs from the first Great Depression in the 1930s (the other Great Depression is currently happening now), as inspiration for these amazing pieces. On my visit to the Kim Foster Gallery, I walked through the exhibit in awe.  The closest I’ve ever seen to this type of art is Federico Uribe, who uses pieces of colored pencils in his works.  I highly recommend you check out this exhibit before it closes on July 17, 2010.  The Kim Foster Gallery is located at 520 West 20th Street in New York.

See a close up of the above image and another piece of brilliance from Christian Faur after the jump.

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