Happy Birthday, Morris Day

Posted by The G on December 13, 2011 under Celebrities | Comments are off for this article

Photo by G.

Morris Day doin' The Bird!

If the kid can’t make you come, nobody can!  It’s Morris Day’s birthday today!  For a lack of a better term, Morris is C-O-O-L.  (What’s that spell?!)  Of course, long time readers know that I love Morris Day’s music as he is the lead singer of The Time, who are now known as The Original 7ven (because their musical compadre Prince decided not to let the band use the name “The Time.”  Of course it’s a douchey move, but we all know that Prince has lost his mind so none of us should be surprised).  But back to the funk!  If you don’t know the albums “The Time,” “What Time Is It?” and “Ice Cream Castle,” you are doing your ears  a disservice.  There’s so much funk on each record, you’ll find it impossible to sit still!  I’ve been listening to those albums as well as Morris’ solo work for over 20 years and the music sounds as good today as it did then!  In 2011, the original lineup of The Time reunited and have released the album “Condensate.”  The record brings the Original 7ven into the new millennium as they still funk it up with tracks such as “Strawberry Lake” and their ode to Twitter, “#Trendin'”  Good stuff, according2g.  Happy birthday Morris and thanks for all the great music – past, present and future!  Fingers crossed that The Original 7ven embark on a 2012 tour.  That would make a lot of us get it up.  That’s what time it is!

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