Morrissey: The Queen Is Against Any Notion of Democracy

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Morrissey: The Queen is Alive. Democracy is Dead.

Morrissey is getting a lot of bad press for speaking up on his feelings about the Queen and the Royal Family.  I think he makes a pretty valid point and I am happy he is speaking up. 

Here’s a bit of what Moz said from his article he wrote for Hot Press:

“[The Queen] warned that any British people carrying anti-royal placards who are “seen in the vicinity of the royal wedding would be removed under the Public Order Act.” This means that any political dissent in England is silenced in order to protect the royals, which in itself goes against every principle of democracy.

The very existence of the Queen and her now enormous family – all supported by the British taxpayer whether the British taxpayer likes it or not – is entirely against any notion of democracy, and is against freedom of speech. For a broad historical view of what the Queen is and how she “rules”, examine Gaddafi or Mubarak, and see if you can spot any difference.

You won’t be able to.”  – Morrissey

You can read the full article here.

Banksy’s Identity Pulled From E-Bay Auction

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Photo by G.  Art by Banksy.



The other day, someone put a listing on E-bay claiming the winning bidder could get the name of the most mysterious street artist of all time – Banksy.  The seller apparently had tax records that pinpointed the real name of Banksy.  He promised nothing more than Banksy’s real name and he promised it was 100% legitimate.  The bidding had reached a staggering $999,999 before E-bay pulled the auction.  This means that for the time being, we’ll all have to refer to the elusive artist by this name:  Banksy.  In other Banksy news, keep your fingers crossed that his film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” gets nominated and wins best Documentary at the Oscars.  What a spectacle that will be!

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