Video: D’Angelo’s Return in 2012

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Video courtesy of the internet.

Not a big fan of posting other people’s videos, but since I was literally just listening to a bootleg of this show over the weekend, featuring quite possibly the only live performance of The Time’s “My Summertime Thang” (not performed by either Prince or The Time, but instead) by D’Angelo (featuring Eric Leeds, Jesse Johnson and Questlove), you have to check this out.  It’s the first part of a documentary showing D’Angelo’s return to the live stage in the USA at 2012’s Bonnarroo Festival.  Since this video features a Prince cover, it will likely be taken down before the end of the day because Prince is a motherfucking douche bag.  But until then…

Some more details:

All music was remixed by Questlove.
Filmed and directed by Danny Clinch.


Episode Rundown and Tracklist:
1.  Origins :  Featuring “My Summertime Thang” by The Time written by Prince


2.  Getting The Band Back Together:  Featuring

Pride and Vanity by the Ohio Players


3.  Hit It and Quit It: Featuring “Funky Dollar Bill” and

“Hit It and Quit It” by Parliament Funkadelic


4.  The Return of D’Angelo:  Featuring
“She Came In Through the Bathroom Window” by the Beatles


Band Members:
D’Angelo:  Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson: Drums (The Roots)
Pino Palladino: Bass (The Who)
Eric Leeds: Saxophone (Prince)
Jesse Johnson: Guitar (The Time, Prince, Janet Jackson)
Captain Kirk: Guitar (The Roots)
James Posyer: Keyboards (The Roots)
Frank Knuckles: Percussion (The Roots)
Kendra Foster (Vocals)

Happy Birthday, Morris Day

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Photo by G.

Morris Day doin' The Bird!

If the kid can’t make you come, nobody can!  It’s Morris Day’s birthday today!  For a lack of a better term, Morris is C-O-O-L.  (What’s that spell?!)  Of course, long time readers know that I love Morris Day’s music as he is the lead singer of The Time, who are now known as The Original 7ven (because their musical compadre Prince decided not to let the band use the name “The Time.”  Of course it’s a douchey move, but we all know that Prince has lost his mind so none of us should be surprised).  But back to the funk!  If you don’t know the albums “The Time,” “What Time Is It?” and “Ice Cream Castle,” you are doing your ears  a disservice.  There’s so much funk on each record, you’ll find it impossible to sit still!  I’ve been listening to those albums as well as Morris’ solo work for over 20 years and the music sounds as good today as it did then!  In 2011, the original lineup of The Time reunited and have released the album “Condensate.”  The record brings the Original 7ven into the new millennium as they still funk it up with tracks such as “Strawberry Lake” and their ode to Twitter, “#Trendin'”  Good stuff, according2g.  Happy birthday Morris and thanks for all the great music – past, present and future!  Fingers crossed that The Original 7ven embark on a 2012 tour.  That would make a lot of us get it up.  That’s what time it is!

Video: “Tricky/Jungle Love” live by Morris Day

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HD Video by G.

Where on earth are you going to see Morris Day performing the “Ice Cream Castles” b-side “Tricky” as well as “Jungle Love” live from BB Kings in New York on July 26, 2011?  The answer, of course is  Bwaaahaaa!


Review: Morris Day live at BB King’s in NYC

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Photos by G.

Morris Day doing the Oak Tree

What time is it?  It was time for Morris Day to perform in New York on July 29, 2011 at BB King’s.  I haven’t seen Morris Day perform in a decade and it’s about time I saw him again as the music he recorded with The Time (and on his own) is still in heavy rotation on my stereo, 30 years later.  Billed as Morris Day and the Time, the remaining members are keyboardist Monte Moir and drummer Jellybean Johnson.  Jerome Benton, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Jesse Johnson were nowhere to be found, which was a bummer, but Morris still looked and sounded great.  Morris Day did many hits medleys as there was a lot of ground to cover in a very short time and songs from each album by The Time were performed.

Morris Day

Morris Day

For The Time diehards such as myself, here’s a summary of tracks played from each record:

The Time: Get It Up, Girl, Cool, The Stick

What Time Is It?: Wild and Loose, 777-9311, The Walk, Gigolos Get Lonely Too

Ice Cream Castles: Jungle Love, If The Kid Can’t Make You Come (Instrumental while Morris talked to the crowd), The Bird, Tricky (B-side)

Pandemonium: Skillet, Chocolate, Jerk Out, Sometimes I Get Lonely, Pandemonium

Morris Solo:

Color of Success: Oak Tree

Daydreaming: Fishnet

Morris Day

If the kid can't make you come, nobody can! Bwaaa haa!

I was sad not to hear”Ice Cream Castles,” and “Color of Success” but Morris more than made up for it with his signature dance moves, his stage presence and his ability to still be able to charm the ladies.  The audience loved every second of it too and though we were seated at tables for the show, most everyone got up and danced.  It was interesting to hear bits of the B-side “Tricky” thrown in right before “Jungle Love” and “The Bird” featured females from the audience shaking their moneymakers on stage.  It was definitely weird seeing a person who is not Jerome dancing with Morris, and doing the things Jerome used to do like holding a large mirror so Morris could check his reflection, wiping Morris’ brow when he got too sweaty and making sure his pimp coat was well cared for while Morris busted some dance moves, but aside from that, this was a really fun show – and for someone that has seen Morris perform many times, I was not disappointed at all.

If you ain't got what you want, you got to get the hell out of here!

That’s what time it is!

The set list was: Intro / Skillet / Cool / Get It Up / Pandemonium / Chocolate / Wild and Loose / The Stick / Fishnet / Oak Tree / Jerk Out / 777-9311 / Girl / Sometimes I Get Lonely / Gigolos Get lonely Too / If The Kid Can’t Make You Come (Instrumental) / The Walk

Encore:  The Bird / Tricky / Jungle Love

Happy Birthday, Morris Day

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Photo and autograph courtesy of G’s enormous in person autograph collection.

Morris Day (in white)

Morris Day, lead singer of The Time was born December 13.  As I mentioned yesterday when fellow Prince-protege Sheila E. celebrated her birthday, the music of Morris Day has been in high rotation with me since the 80s and the albums “The Time,” “What Time Is It?” and “Ice Cream Castles” are perfect records, according2g.  I’ve been hearing rumours that The Time will be releasing a new album in 2011, so we’ll all have to stay tuned for that one. In the meanwhile, I hope Morris Day has a great birthday and I know I’ll be listening to “If The Kid Can’t Make You Come,” “Ice Cream Castles” and “My Drawers” today.

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