Street Art Exposes the Truth about Bloomberg

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Photo by G.  Artist Unknown.

Democracy's Number One Enemy: Michael Bloomberg.

For those outside of the New York area, Michael Bloomberg is the mayor of our beloved city and the 8th richest man in America.  He started out his career on Wall Street and created a device called a Bloomberg in the early 1980s which gave users up to the second stock prices and financial information.  The machine was truly revolutionary and it made the man zillions of dollars.  He spun off his great idea into a magazine and TV station (the one where so much information races across the screen in different directions, it’s likely you’ll puke or have a seizure after watching the channel for a few short seconds), both of which are called Bloomberg.  He also wrote an autobiography called “Bloomberg,” in which he stated he’d never run for political office.  He lied. Not only did he run for Mayor of New York and win twice, but after his second term, he campaigned to have the law changed so he could run for an unprecedented third term.  That law passed and he won the election. If you haven’t gathered by now that the man is a megalomaniac, please re-read the above paragraph and come join the rest of us when you are finished reading.  Since most of us that live in the city are too busy attending fun social events to pay attention to the  mundane world of politics, here are some fun facts that are not often discussed about our mayor.

– Guess who made $11 Billion in the last 3 years?

– Guess who gave $1 Billion in taxes for stadiums?

– Guess who created a $4 Billion budget deficit?

The answer: Michael Bloomberg – Democracy’s #1 Enemy.

I’ve seen the mayor in person attending a U2 concert and there was so much security around him, I thought the President of the US was in attendance.  Guess who foots the bill for that type of security?  The tax payers.  I’ve also heard that while he attends the numerous parades that happen throughout the city all year round, he does not set foot anywhere near the Gay Pride parade.  I know someone who had a brief stint working for his media company and I was told that although the working environment is very high-tech and located in a beautiful building, the people employed there are robots.  Free junk food by the metric ton is available in a kitchen that rivals the size of most restaurants in the city as employees joke about “the Bloomberg 15,” the 15 pounds you will gain once you start working for the company. Once, a major lay-off took place, my associate witnessed over 150 people being treated in the coldest way possible.  He went on to say, “it was absolutely disgusting watching people get called in one at a time, in 15 minute intervals, spread out over a 6 hour period, into a see-through-glass conference room to be fired while the “big bosses” attended off-site meetings. Many people were excused from their jobs by the person they reported to, only for those people to be let go after they fired the majority of their staff.  The fallen were then escorted out of the building immediately without having a proper chance to say goodbye to colleagues or pack up their belongings.  It was truly the worst place I’ve ever worked.” I found a pretty funny article on what it’s like to work for Bloomberg here or here which corroborates the stories of my associate.  I’m glad to see that street artists are picking up the story that is dying to be told.

I wish this was an April Fool’s joke, but it’s all true.

Wake up New York!!!

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