Ticketmaster to Offer Refunds To Customers For Dubious Processing Fees

Posted by The G on December 2, 2011 under The G Spot | Read the First Comment

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$14 ticket from Ticketmaster with $3.50 in service charges!

Ticketmaster is so evil!  It’s illegal to operate a monopoly in the United States, but somehow Ticketmaster does it and has gotten away with it for years!  They charge processing fees, “convenience fees” and these charges often come close to doubling the price of a ticket.  Today, Ticketmaster has announced they profited off these fees and will be offering refunds of $1.50 per ticket to customers who purchased tickets over the last 12 years.  The catch, and you know there is one – they will only refund up to 17 orders! 

Yes, I order an insane amount of tickets from Ticketmaster so of course, I am annoyed that I won’t be seeing the return of hundreds of wasted dollars that went into their CEO’s pocket, but I am baffled that there is a limit to the refund.  Even scalpers paid these ridiculous fees.  To me, this is like robbing a bank, not accepting any responsibility and only giving back a portion of the money.  And the people as well as the justice system are being apathetic and just letting it happen!  What the fuck?!
That brings us to the next issue – Ticketmaster will be able to continue charging these fees because by law, all they have to do is put a caveat on their website that states they intend to profit!
This is why I pay taxes to have laws that make NO SENSE put into effect?
All I can say is that when a mass revolution happens, and by the looks of things, it will probably be within the next few years or less, don’t act surprised.  Until the people speak up, nonsensical decisions like this will be made and we will have no choice but to sit back and take it.
Speak up!
Rise up!
They will not control us.  We will be victorious!
Oh and as a post script, the refunds will not be issued until April 15, 2012 at the earliest, which means by the time Ticketmaster starts paying back our money, it will have sat in their account drawing interest for an additional 5 months!  Unbelievable!
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