“Tight Spot” by David Byrne at The Pace Gallery in New York

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Photos by G. Art by David Byrne.

Partial View of "Tight Spot" by David Byrne. On display at the Pace Gallery in NYC through October 1, 2011

To celebrate the expansion of The Pace Gallery in New York, musician and artist David Byrne is displaying a 2-week only site specific installation called “Tight Spot.” A 48 by 20 foot inflatable globe is underneath the High Line at 508 West 25th Street.  The statement that David Byrne is making is so important for the times we are living in as the world is under massive constraints and is also expanding so fast – who knows what is going to happen?!  A planet and the people contained within it can only take so much pressure before a massive change happens.  The possibilities for good and bad are equally as likely.  Inside the globe are low frequency vibrations created by David Byrne (and made with his voice instead of instruments).  I found “Tight Spot” to be very inspirational serving as yet another wake up call to the people on this planet.  David was in attendance for the opening night reception and he was extremely nice when I spoke with him.  Below is a picture of David Byrne with some friends at the opening of “Tight Spot.”  This exhibit is only on display until October 1, 2011 so you need to act fast to make sure you see it.

David Byrne (center) in front of "Tight Spot"

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