Time Out New York Takes A Time Out From Quality

Posted by The G on July 8, 2009 under The G Spot | 3 Comments to Read

Jonas Brothers Quit Music - Too Good To Be True!

Jonas Brothers Quit Music - Too Good To Be True!

When I got my mail, I saw one of the Jonas Brothers on the cover of Time Out New York with the flashing headline “Jonas Brothers Quit Music!*”  Imagine the relief my ears were suddenly feeling.  I started picturing the artistic community around the world breathing a collective sigh of relief. Then I read the fine print and it said “*For just a day.  Meet the Jonas Brothers – our new music editors.”  The article was actually serious!  I decided to give the article a chance because Time Out New York is generally a great magazine with fantastic information.  I should have known better when I opened the cover and saw thumbnails of 4 “collectible” covers (read: a sad attempt to sell more issues).

 Time Out was clearly taking a time out from quality with this issue.  Below are actual quotes from the Brothers that need to be seen to be believed.

You might want to get a barf bag before reading on.

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