Banksy takes over Time Out New York

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On the left: Banksy Cover. On the right: The "normal" edition of Time Out New York

Attention New Yorkers!  The new issue of Time Out New York  has just hit the newsstands.  Upon first glance, the issue is nothing out of the ordinary – amazing reviews and tons of listings of daily events to fill up the boredom in your life (all for the bargain price of $3.99).  Sandwiched in between the “normal issue,” there’s a special limited edition cover that Banksy has designed!  The issue is timed with the upcoming release of Banksy’s sure-to-be classic art disaster documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop,” which lands in selected theaters on Friday, April 16, 2010.  I highly recommend picking up this highly collectible item and also seeing the film.  They might even change your life!

Time Out New York Takes A Time Out From Quality

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Jonas Brothers Quit Music - Too Good To Be True!

Jonas Brothers Quit Music - Too Good To Be True!

When I got my mail, I saw one of the Jonas Brothers on the cover of Time Out New York with the flashing headline “Jonas Brothers Quit Music!*”  Imagine the relief my ears were suddenly feeling.  I started picturing the artistic community around the world breathing a collective sigh of relief. Then I read the fine print and it said “*For just a day.  Meet the Jonas Brothers – our new music editors.”  The article was actually serious!  I decided to give the article a chance because Time Out New York is generally a great magazine with fantastic information.  I should have known better when I opened the cover and saw thumbnails of 4 “collectible” covers (read: a sad attempt to sell more issues).

 Time Out was clearly taking a time out from quality with this issue.  Below are actual quotes from the Brothers that need to be seen to be believed.

You might want to get a barf bag before reading on.

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