Mr. Brainwash’s Icons Exhibit – Remixed

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Photos by G. Art by Mr. Brainwash.

The Doors - Remixed by Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash has done it again.  On the heels of his extremely successful Icons art show in New York, he’s remixed the exhibit.  For those who have already seen this exhibit, you are going to have to go back and see all the changes.  The top floor is completely different.  The pieces have been traded out for newer models.  The Madonna wall, the Matchbox taxi  and the extremely large paint can are still in tact, but the images above and below (and many more) have been added to the exhibit.  Gone from the bottom floor are the Iconic rock stars made out of broken vinyl record pieces and instead the exhibit has become interactive where cans of spray paint are left out for visitors to make their own art on the walls of the gallery!  I attended the exhibit on opening day as I did for the initial “Icons” exhibit and like the first time, it was quite a scene.  The first 300 people received a free “Charlie Chaplin Love” print, hand signed by Mr. Brainwash and people lined up as early as 6 o’clock in the morning to get their hands on MBW’s latest work.  The print distribution system was slightly better organized than the February opening, but it was still mayhem as New Yorkers stood outside on an extremely windy and cold day.  Mr. Brainwash got a chance to mingle during the opening and he was gracious enough to autograph a few pictures that I took of him during the February opening.  Once again, he was super nice and he was pretty impressed by my photography skills as he made the comment to me during our encounter.  There’s been quite a bit of controversy about MBW in the art world as the movie Exit Through The Gift Shopis being regarded as “Banksy’s biggest prank,” but the great thing about the film is that you can judge for yourself after you see it.  Either way, I am one of the many that’s been Brainwashed.

Heart made out of spray paint cans

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